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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by reggie, Mar 2, 2005.

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  2. #2 lamborghinikid, Mar 2, 2005
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  4. Nice car but im not really feeling the red int.
  5. No way, I'm saying that red interior is the way to go! HOT!

  6. Def ! Titanio with red or bordeaux !

  7. Shaan, I'm with you. Just a tad too bright for my liking. The exterior colour is perfect.
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    I dunno, my first reaction was the same as yours (i'm not particularly fond of the modern "red" leather in italian cars, it's too bright, compared with that old stuff you see in vintage Rollers, Bentleys and the like), but on a car like the Merci, it's a beautiful contrast to that somber gunmetal grey exterior. I fancy Murcies in nutty colors- orange, pale green, and so on, so i can see doing a more outre interior with that more conservative outer shell. On the other hand, the plain black interior on the Murcie leaves me cold. The two tone colors relieve it of a boredom factor it just shouldn't have. (Still, i think the grey car with a linen colored or "snowcorn" interior would be more elegant if one is inclined to have a "subtle" Murcie).
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  10. Red interior only looks good if its used in moderation. I personally don't prefer the full-blown "crime scene" interior.
  11. I think it is appropriate on an outrageous car with such a mellow exterior color.
  12. ditto EXACTLY!

    Since Ive seen the Roadster's new wheels, Ive really grown to dislike these coupe wheels. Roadster wheels shld be an automatic upgrade for anyone owning an older coupe.
  13. I like the red interior. I think that grey is too tame for such a wild car. There was a Barchetta in a burgundy metallic that was gorgeous

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