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Are we really that much slower than lambos?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by THE_PRO, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. Honestly for me I love the 360 regardless, but I read so many threads on how the new lambos will eat the current F cars alive, and even the little shorty gallardo will destroy our challenge stradale.

    Like I'm into performance, but I got over the my balls bigger than urs, my girl hotter than ur girl phase long ago.

    Sorry reading too many gallardo putting down 360, had to vent a lil.
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  3. Btw I'm in no way disrespecting the Lambo owners, they're fine cars. I'm sure I wouldn't mind owning one to try it out, but I don't think the Lambos will ever take my heart away from the Ferrari.

    Also for those of you that likes the gallardo, don't you guys find it a lil short? It looks like a toy to me.
  4. Wow,those were 2 really intelligent posts.Im sure even the F guys are laughing their azz off over this nonsense.LOL.funny stuff.
  5. Step away from the crack pipe. I see Lamarossa has a new I.D.....
  6. Funny stuff, I know.
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  8. Instead of ringing your hands over which one is better, do like I did and own both! :)
  9. You use "we" in a very loose sense, my fellow non-owner.
  10. I like that idea.Good job Ray.
  11. i don't understand; how do we know this guy is someone else...? Why are we not taking his post seriously...?
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  13. I think DES/Carbon wants us to have a group hug. Awwwwww...
  14. After driving the Gallardo(E-Gear) and Murcielago(6 speed) and owning currently a 360 6 speed, I like my 360 more but want to also own the Murcielago as all three cars are very different with different personalities.
  15. excuse me.
  16. How would you compare the Murci with the Gallardo performance and interior?
  17. excused? :D

  18. All three interiors very well done with leather and expensive trim. The Murcie is a larger car in length and width with its seats being slightly more comfortable. There is NOTHING cheap in all three. The Murcie feels much faster than the other 2 but not unexpected due to the HP differences. Can I tell which is faster 360 vs Gallardo-no.They each drive a little different. Do I know how to performance drive, yes. I have 5 years racing experience 1 year Formula Ford then 4 years (10-12) races per year in Vintage Formula Atlantic's. I have run at Mid Ohio, Road America, Watkins Glenn(full course), Road Atlanta, Homestead, Sebring, Morosso and IRP. Do I care which is faster, no. Do I track any of my cars, no. I got it out of my system with the racing. Can any street car feel like an Atlantic, I don't have that answer. I love sports cars in general. Would I buy after reading Magazine Reviews, no but it is a great place to start. As I have posted on this site, I value current and past owners opinions over all other heresay whether they have raced or not. Current and past owners share common enthusiasm that I have. To me Ferrari and Lamborghine make truly exotic sports cars!! In the near future I hope to have a space for one of each.

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