Are any of you Gallardo owners former 911TT owners? | LamborghiniChat

Are any of you Gallardo owners former 911TT owners?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Minte, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. I am seriously considering trading in my 993 TT on a Gallardo.It would be my first Italian car.I've read about as much as possible.But that seat of your pants driving experience can't be read.Are the cars similiar in that respect?

    I also have a 98' 911 cab,that I plan on keeping forever so i will never be p-carless.
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  3. FWIW, i had a 2003 GT 2 that had some minor tweaks. GT3 seats, rollbar, harnesses, exhaust, but no chip. I got rid of it in favor of a 6.0 Diablo, but this is not my first Italian exotic; i had a succession of Ferraris before the Porsche. I loved the overall capability and quickness of the Porsche, as well as my ability to park it anywhere, drive it in the rain, etc. I did not like the Turbo lag, or an interior comparable to a Honda on a 200k car. I'll miss the Porsche, but i won't really miss it if you get my drift. Then again, i tend to go thru cars and wouldn't mind having an older Porsche Turbo just to enjoy as a change. The styles are so different between the Italian and German cars. But, for that matter, i opted for the less current Lambo, precisely because what i really liked about the Diablo wasn't quite present anymore in the G and Murcie. I'm sure those cars are fabulous performance cars, but they share an austerity with the Porsche i just got rid of. Not dissing them, just putting my perspective into perspective.....
  4. I sold my 996TT and bought a Gallardo, for me the Gallardo is far more special, I can't say much as I am still breaking my motor in. The only thing I can say at this moment is that I don't regret for a second the choice I made. I do miss the Porsche and the explosive performance and racing heritage, but I rather have and drive my Gallardo. This car is a real head turner in a way that not even my Testarossa was, so better be prepared to have eyes all over you. Just the other day I did 140mph and I thought that I was driving at about 115mph, getting my K40 this week, it will be much needed.

    If I was in your place I would sell the 911cab. and keep the 993TT.
  5. I had two 993tt's a 96 and a 97(my most favorite with all the bells and was the car I wanted to be burried in...thank God I didn't when I crashed it trying to avoid an idiot cutting us off. The car took the damage to keep my wife and myself with minimal to no scratches). I went to a 355 spider briefly until I got a great price for it by a Lambo dealer and I got into the Gallardo. This car is fast, faster than my 993tt with the tricks. I love the G car but I'm keeping an eye out for a well cared for 993tt or 930. I still have my 96 993 carrera and will probably never get rid of it. To get back to your question, I would agree above and keep the tt and sell the cab if financially possible but you won't be too short changed in keeping the cab and going with a lambo. The lambo just has a different aura. Practically and well roundedness still goes to Porsche. Hope this helps.

  6. 2nd this. 993TT is a looker.
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  8. I had a 996TT. The Gallardo is every bit as reliable and much more FUN to drive.
    It actually even handles the twisties better. T^his car is GERMAN engineering Italian styling.

    I'm SURE You'll like the Gallardo much more....... I do.
  9. I appreciate the responses! It's good to hear that the Gallardo delivers.
    As far as keeping the cabriolet rather than the turbo.In some respects it's a tough choice,but in the most important respect it's easy.Nothing beats the 911 on a nice summer day with the top down!

    That's why it would be important for the Lambo to be on par with the Turbo performance wise.

    As much as I would love to keep both Porsche's and a Lambo,my daily driver is an 03' M3smg and my wife drives an Ml350.We have 4 garages and i can't imagine my wife would be real happy about having to park outside. :)
    So,until i find a way to add another garage 2 toys at a time are my limit.
  10. I believe No Mercy is on this board. He has a 996TT and has a Gallardo on order.

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