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April BestMotoring: Another Gallardo Beatdown

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Mako99, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. Track: Twin Ring Motegi

    Fastest time attack lap times:
    1:40.9 - Ferrari 360 Modena
    1:40.4 - Porsche 911 Turbo
    1:39.6 - BMW M3 CSL
    1:36.9 - Honda NSX Type-R
    1:36.6 - Lamborghini Murcielago
    1:36.0 - Lamborghini Gallardo

    Suprised by the NSX, that car is a track rat for sure. Too bad they don't sell it here.

    Also, the more track times I see between the two, it's becomming clear that unless the course features unholy-long straights, the Gallardo is at least as fast as the Murci, if not faster.
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  3. I'm looking forward to a light weight SV version like you alluded to in another thread. If it has a little more driving character the current car then it's be a super car to own.
  4. My own personal definition of a "supercar" is one that can do a 0 - 150MPH time of 18.0 seconds or better. Both the Murci and Gallardo could accomplish this in "SV" versions that offer more HP and slightly less weight.

    In fact, the Murci is close already, several mags have timed it at just under 20 seconds to 150mph. Can't wait to see what the 750hp engine can do in that car.
  5. The NSX ALWAYS does well in these videos. I think it' rigged.

  6. ya i remember seing a regualr nsx beating a 355 in the quarter mile on those japanese videos.
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  8. You guys CANNOT stand a NSX that is faster than a Ferrari can you??

    Anyway, back on topic. Wow! The lambo is sweet. Personally, I think it is pretty amazing that the NSX is only 0.9 behind the gallardo when it has 210 HP less.

    Is the video posted anywhere?
  9. my o1 conv. corvette i had was signifcantly faster faster than the 98 nsx i used to have....my 360 is significantly faster than both ..on the street and the track....these track times have to be taken with a grain of salt as it depends on the drive and well he drove that car on that particular lap..one lap time prove nothing!!!!!!
  10. Umm.. I don't think so. But whatever makes you feel good. Maybe you are confusing TQ for speed. My dad's 2002 vette feels WAY faster than my NSX. In reality, it is not.
  11. That's all well and good except for one thing sport:


    The Type-R is highly modified, and is nothing like your stock '98 NSX. Go read some, not going to educate you here.
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  13. it dosnt bother me, older ferraris arent hard to beat these days but i had a hard time belieeving a regular NSX was able to pull on the F355, maybe if it had been longer, the F355 would of won?!
  14. Imagine what would happen if Lamborghinis could actually stop and turn?
  15. A "regular" NSX 97+ would stay with a 355 pretty close. A 360 is much faster than the 97-2004 NSX though. The NSX needs more power to compete today.

    A type-R will do the 1/4 in around 12.8 or so.
  16. You lost me there allan??
  17. Type R is meaningless in the U.S. They dont even have a/c.

    A 3.2 Nsx is pretty close to a 355, but a 355 is still quicker, especially on the top end.
  18. I was being sarcastic.
  19. The best Motoring vids are also very misleading. Everytime i watch them i notice new examples of this. I watched the one where the F50-F40-Murci-Gt2-Nsx-R race. The f40 and F50 are not stock, thats a given. Then i took a closer look at the Gt2, which they note has different exhaust. But if you see the car closely, it has has replaced lightweight body panels (ie the hood, which is held down by pins) and it has what looks to be a boost controller on the inside. It has has a rollbar. That boost controller alone could be worth an additional 80-90hp. Who knows what else was done to it. The Nsx-R also seems to have suspension mods.
  20. It's not misleading if they're disclosing the mods, and since the vids are in Japanese, we can't tell what the hell is up with them.

    Adding to this is the difficulty in actually obtaining a half dozen exoticars to test at the same time, often BM has to depend on tuning shops to setup loaners via their customers.

    The Type-R in this particular video was stock, although it of course does come from the factory with a highly modified suspension. Since another stock Type-R just turned a 7:56 at the ring, I have no doubts about its results on this particular test, they're pretty accurate for the breed.
  21. Thats just it, they dont disclose the mods, even in Japaneese. a guy on another frum translated another vid they did. They said the Murci driver had never been in the car before and its owner wanted the car to be driven easy. They never disclosed any mods other than exhausts on a few of the cars, like the F50. But if you look at the F50, you can see it hs lightweight wheels, bigger brakes etc. The vids are fun to watch though. Id ike to buy this new one. Where can we get it?

  22. The best is when they used to just roll up in some nuclear powered Skyline acting like it was the norm, when the car would have some rediculous mods like a crash box sequential shifter, an engine so taxed for power than it wouldn't even fire right, and a suspension that would bounce the guy's helmet off the f-ing headliner on a SMOOTH TRACK.

    Then they'd enter the car into some "battle" against normal stock cars, only to see it break down miserably early on, lol.
  23. My 91 NSX was very quick it felt on the top end that it could keep up with my 99 Corvette. My 355 though is faster than both of those. The NSX for its time and even today is a very underated car. Its steering is sublime and it was one of the best cars I have ever owned. I could take it on a long trip and not worry about anything, I can't say that about my 355. Allan, I am thinking about buying a Diablo 6.0 any help?
  24. Sure, what do you need?
  25. I will send you a PM.

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