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Anyone looking for a Diablo 6.0? Great deal...details within!!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 360LVR, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. Hi there-
    A new investment opportunity is forcing me to part with my Diablo 6.0. Unfortunately, I need to sell it in the next few days. My loss will be someone else's reward.

    Here's the deal: I am putting a VERY attractive price on the car since I am on a tight time restraint.

    Color: Titanium exterior/ Tan interior (NOT Ivory/Cream)
    Mileage: 7850 miles
    Condition: Excellent Interior/Exterior

    The car had a complete a thorough service only 6 months ago when I purchased it from Lamborghini of Atlanta. They went through the car from front to back.

    I am the second true owner of the car; acoording to Lamborghini of Dallas and Lamborghini of Atlanta.

    The car runs and drives perfectly. In fact, even when it arrived on my doorstep I had the local Lamborghini service facility give it an inspection, and everyone comments on how smooth it runs and drives. I don't know what to compare it to, but Lamborghini of Atlanta said the same thing so this car is in perfect running order.

    Since I purchased the car, a couple of extras and goodies have been added:
    1) Upgraded the heavy 100lb restrictive exhaust system to a complete 20lb stainless polished system from Larini (about $5k). Sounds unbelievable and the weight loss and power gains are definitely there!!
    2) Upgraded the lights to HID lights and the battery to a sealed Optima setup
    3) The stock stereo is terrible in the car. It makes me wonder why they even offered a stereo. The stereo has been completed upgraded with very high quality components. You know have the latest Alpine head unit with screen that plays DVD (yes, your passenger can watch movies while you drive), CDRWs, MP3s, etc. I also upgraded the 6 disc changer to the lastest from Alpine. All the speakers were upgraded to the best of the best, and have a very solid 500 watt amp driving everything. Sounds unbelievable! (cost $10k)
    4) Best of all.....there is an EXTENDED WARRANTY on the car!! Yes, it is transferable, and it has over 6 months left on the warranty! The warranty cost $6k for 1 year and covers just about everything that the Lamborghini warranty covers. This will give the buyer great piece of mind!!

    Car is very clean and ready for new ownership.
    I am asking $170,000 which is an amazing price for a VERY clean car with a very recent service, and comes with an expensive warranty. Not to mention the fact I have put about $20k into the car in the last 6 months with upgrades. I don't think you'll see another one priced like this with these amenities, not to mention the beautiful condition...

    E-mail me at if you are interested. Car needs to sell by Friday!!
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  3. I'm not interested, but I do know someone who might be... Do you have any pictures? Where is the car located? The car sounds beautiful!! Good luck.
  4. Can those who aren't interested see pics on this forum too? ;) :D
  5. I second the pics request! :)
    Sounds like a beautiful car you have there.
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  7. Please post pictures, or email them to me.
  8. I third the pic request!
  9. I am more than happy to post the pictures, but, unfortunately, I don't know how to on this board. I don't have them hosted anywhere, just on my hard drive.
    Shoot me an e-mail and I will send them.
    Thanks for your interest.
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  11. Ok. Let's see if this works. Try the links below....









  12. Those pics are kinda small, but big enough to see how beautiful that car really is. I'm not much of a lambo fan, but the Diablo is an amazing car. If I hadn't just bought my first Ferrari yesterday I would be all over that Diablo. :D
  13. BTW - I talked with Chris at Lambo/Atlanta today (about a Gallardo or maybe a Diablo) - He actually brought up Waynes Car and said this car is Very Very Very Nice (as Wayne has mentioned). And Chris is a good straight up guy as they come.

    So those who are interested - thought you might want to know that..

  14. Richard-
    Thanks for the 'plug'.
    From what I have been told by several Lamborghini 6.0 owners, other Lamborghini enthusiasts and by dealers and service people, my 6.0 is about a clean as they come and as smooth running as you will find.

    It is a very nice, clean car.
    Hope this helps!
  15. BTW-
    I forgot to mention that the car also has new high performance air filters and that the sale will include a new, custom car cover and a CDROM with an assembly manual, workshop manual, and all the parts and part numbers specifically for Diablo 6.0s. It's over 800 pages and, from what I am told, it is the same manual the dealer and service technicians use.
  16. Just chanced upon this thread. Seems like an attractive car. Any luck with the sale 360LVR?
  17. I hope someone picks up this car!! The Diablo will change you forever!! Sounds like an awsome car. If not red why not silver?
  18. Just a quick update. There are a few people who have stepped up and seem serious about buying the car. I think it is fairly close to being sold, but, until I accept an offer or receive a deposit, it is still available.

    If you want a very good deal on an excellent car loaded with goodies, now's the time.

    E-mail me at, if you are looking for a 6.0 in outstanding condition, fresh off a major service, with a premium warranty, and some great upgrades.


  19. So...any word on a sale?

    BTW, she looks beautiful...
  20. Those pics are rubish! If you lived anywhere near the norcal area, I'd be honored to shoot that beast - it really sounds like the perfect car especially after those upgrades.

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