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Anyone interested in a Yellow Gallardo?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by MurcieMurcie, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. 10+ new listings on Dupont:eek:

    Does anyone else feel that they produced to many Gallardos?
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  3. Too many? Well, it is still a low volume model. It's not that unusual for there to be many low mileage cars around soon after a new model release. They are the speculators who are attracted to hot models (like Gallardo).

    There sure is a high proportion of pearl yellow ones though. Probably like red Ferraris, I guess.

    Where I live, they are still a novelty anyway. In my city (Adelaide) with a population of 1 million, there are only 2 Gallardos - mine (solid yellow) and a metallic black one. I'm not sure why, but it is nice not to bump into your own car every day.
  4. There's one advertised in Autoweek which has been there since the Pleistocene.

    One of these days these hopeful sellers will start throwing in their towels and prices will tumble. Flooring must be getting painful for the dealers...
  5. they produced way too many

    they should have made under 1000

    they made almost as many gallardo's in the first year of production alone, then the countach in it's 16 years of production

    lambo claims exclusivity then they contradict with this model ?
  6. ...but everyone i know in adelaide seems to have bumped into yours. :D
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  8. Under 1000 units would have made the Gallardo uneconomic. The price ensures exclusivity if the volume doesn't. And they will only make what they can sell.
  9. Good one, Ash! :)
  10. Get ready for a big drop in prices on 04 Gallardo's, especially when the 05 arrives. Too many built and not enough demand.

  11. yeeehaaa!! Then I will be able to buy one very soon!!
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  13. yeeehaaa!! Then I might be able to buy a door handle or gearknob very soon!!
  14. It was amusing to see 3 yellow Gallardos pull up to a four way stop at the same time from different directions when in Monterey in August. There were more of the damn things floating around than Hondas.
  15. They made about 15,000 or so 360's, and the Gallardo's main reason is to compete with the 360's. So thats like saying they should have made under 1,000 360's when they made 399 ENZO's... just doesn't make sense.

    All I can say is that the Gallardo's timing was not right at all. Now that the F430 is coming out why would people pay money to buy a Gallardo if they can have a newer, faster, more advance, Ferrari...? And not to mention the prices taking a huge drop lately! It's crazy.
  16. I'm not sure what the number actually is, but the current Autoweek says 10,000.

  17. Because the Gallardo is the best looking Italian car to be released since the Miura!
  18. its not even the best looking lambo by about the murci, the diablo, the countach.......

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