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Any white Gallardo pics??

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by twinturbo, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. I've already done a search but didn't come up with anything ... I'm up in the air with color choices and my girlfriend suggested white ... I've alway's kicked myself in the but for getting my turbo slate instead of white so maybe it's not too late to get a white Gallardo ... the only problem is that white makes an already edgy asian'ish looking car more edgy?? if that makes sense ...

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  3. Personally I've never been a fan of white cars. I think the lines would be lost on a white Gallardo?
  4. Maybe? that's why I'm looking for pics ...

    This is the Porsche that made me regret my color decision ...
  5. Yep might try a photoshop it will be close.
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    white on a gallardo makes it look like an ordinary sportscar and takes all the exotic feeling out of it.... go with silver metallic rather then white.
    just my opinion , but here´s a pic , sorry for the bad editing . around the edges. ... well maby it looks ok ofcourse it does it´s a lambo but I don´t like the color on it.
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  8. That's the problem ... most people avoid white sports cars because it's plain or simple ... I did just the same ... I would have never thought about getting a white Murci but after seeing it in person at LoD next to four other colors (IMO) it blew them away in sexiness and had a very classy I'm rich yet still elegent look about it ... that's what I'm looking for but I'm starting to think only the Murci could pull it off ... I'm assuming no one's ever seen one in person ???

    Oh well I might go "balls out" and just order white ...

  9. it has a certain feel to it but it´s just to plain and unexotic for some reason ... atleast i don´t feel any vibes from it then again it´s just a pic ...
    but i have seen and been in a gallardo , and my favourite colors for the gallardo is black and silver...
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    color is such a subjective thing...I'm happy with my choice though...
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  11. some people like white, but for me, white is for appliances, not cars. It's a "non-color" to me.
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  13. I like white. A lot. With black rims with a polished lip. Purrrrrfect.
  14. What about a bright red one? I havent seen one of those either, or a green one.
  15. That color on the Gallardo is simply beautiful and perfect. First time I have seen it. Great choice. Keep me in mind when and IF you decide to sell it. Hopefully a few years down the road though. Please post more whenever you can.


  16. Photographs are helpful, but you should really see the color in person to truly appreciate it IMO...
  17. great color wayne, what is it called... the best looking g car i have ever seen!!!
  18. Yes, that is terrific, and the only one I have seen in that color. Looks like the Diablo Rosso Vic.
  19. Wayne, you could call it your 'blood vessel.'


    IMO the 996 carries white much better than the Gallardo. I've also been impressed with white 996TT's. Fits the smooth shape. But I'd prefer a bolder color that shows off the edges of the G, like the pearls (yellow, orange).
  20. I like the Diablo, TR and NSX in white.

    White is a good color for making a wild car (like the Diablo) look respectable.
  21. Tell me about the reasoning behind putting that ricey K&N sticker on the G? Is that the same car run in the races on your profile? Do they come off easy without ruining the paint too much, ive seen some pretty touch stickers.
  22. What range of colours are available on the Gallardo? is it the same as the Murcielago, or are certain colours reserved for the Murci?

    I'm curious, because I havent seen some colours on the Gallardo yet. like Titanium and lime green. On the other hand, there are TONS of silver, black and yellow Gallardo's out there.
  23. I think the totally opposite about white, it makes exotic car look more artistic and interesting to find all of it's lines whereas black is the worst choice because it hides all it's design and looks boring. I love Bianco.
  24. The stickers come right off. Some people like them. Like me!!
  25. in my opinion, i personally think the gallardo would look really cool with the 40th anniversary murcie blue. i would like to see a photoshop of that, i think it would give the gallardo a good touch.
    but thats just me lol
  26. Theres a white gallardo coming into Hong kong soon, i will take pics when it arrives.. i just hope i can time it right.
  27. Please do time it right ... it would be greatly appreciated ... I've emailed every single dealer outside of the USA for white pics and not one has responded ...


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