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Any pics of a red Gallardo?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Cicero, Jul 28, 2004.

  1. I think this is my first post as new user. I had 2800 posts before.

    Anyway, was just thinking I wanted to see a red Gallardo...with some hre 547 wheels would look really nice.
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  3. I havn't seen a red Gallardo with HRE 547's on it. If you want a pic tell ryalex, he might be able to hook you up with a photoshop. If you browse this forum there is some pics of a red Diablo 6.0 with HRE 547's.
  4. i would like to see a red gallarado also
  5. Red is NOT a standard color.
  6. so i won't be seeing one then lol. Why isn't it though i have seen red diablo's and murcielagos and they looked great
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  8. your mind, Quaid...
  9. I like it! Thanks. I posted the pics of the red 60 with the HRE's asking for the sizes. That is what got me on this idea.
  10. looks great in red!!!! better than a dialbo in red!!! why isnt a standard color!!!
  11. I think it was a nose-snubbing move to avoid Ferrari's image.
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  13. rosso metis (my color is only standard rosso) I'm sure paint to sample is available.
  14. Thats understandable....because the more I look at it, the more I think of a Ferrari.
  15. ESPECIALLY as the 360 gets more angular and long Enzo-like headlights.
  16. i think it looks good. Its weird that red isn't an option becasue imo red is very much a supercar colour, but that might have something to do with Ferrari's
  17. Good photo shop Ryan..LOL, but the Galardo red is more of a blood red, I've said it before, but they've beat Ferrari at their own game with that color, I love it!
  18. Good Pic Ryan!!
  19. G cars and Murci's just dont look good in real red. The lines of the car just dont work with the color. The Diablo looks great in red, as does the Countach.JMHO

    Dave, you will have a problem when you get your Murci, cause it just doesnt work. lol
  20. You have converted me to the Orange color!! Black Wing, for sure.
  21. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs. My wing is beautiful, its just not on the car yet. But my wheel project should be done tomorrow.
  22. another cool color
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    Think the color shows better here. I almost bought this color but it had White interior and I'm too hard on cars for white.
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  24. Wayne, I like your combo, but to be unique, id have to look hard at this blue with the white interior, come to think of it, a whitish interior might be nice with your color too. call me nuts, but I actually think on a car with such prominent tailights, you really wanna make sure the car's color goes with the red and amber of the lights themselves!
  25. Ohh, I like that blue a lot. I liked the one with blue and dove grey interior that AJ posted. My only reservation over getting it would be how similar it is to the blue pearl on the WRX I have already - and when I get a Lambo I want a little more of an "in your face" color (orange!).
  26. LONG LIVE ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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