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Any Good Sources for L-Memorabilia

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by whart, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. So, assuming i take the leap (see other thread), i will need the following for my garage:

    dealer sign

    banner (like the F-car ones, but with the L logo)


    Any reliable sources for this kind of stuff, other than the knock-off crap on E-bay? It seems that its not as big a market as the F car stuff, so its not as easy to find... TIA.
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  3. I bought a Lamborghini "Flag" (screen printed) for the office, looks pretty wild. It was on eBay for some $20 or thereabouts.

    For the dealer sign, expect to pay $2000-$3000 for an authentic one, if not even more. I'd rather buy the knockoff sign for $200, you see them from time to time.

    As for authentic stuff, no clue here.

  4. My graphics guys have it "in the can"........

    I may have one banner left, like the one I gave to Chelle......
  5. JMJ Automobilia had some Lambo F1 pistons for Marie on that.....I gave one to JR....had a COA with it...

    She may see some stuff from the current Race teams as well.......
  6. Fredricks of Hollywood for your passenger if you get the 6.0. Armani if you get the Murcie.
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  8. Pretty funny, but true.
  9. Eat your heart out, Jim G. Just cause you don't think an inflatable love doll would look appropirate in a '31 Dusie doesn't mean i can't have some fun... That was pretty funny, though...
  10. Big Tex - I'll take one if you still have one in the can....
    You have mail....
  11. I have a cool lambo pic. pm me your email and I'll send it over.
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