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Any ex 360 Owners here who bought Murcie's

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by racerdj, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. Like a reverse thread of one I started a few minutes ago, are there any ex-360 owners here who purchased Murcielago's? Reasons??
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  3. Me.


    More exotic
    More torque & hp
    More fun to drive
    360 is a 6 year old design, Murcie is 3 year old
    Not much of a price difference (bought an 02 Murcie)
    Got tired of being worried about running into Z06's, Vipers, etc.
  4. Those are very good reasons, I couldent agree more about Z06's and Vipers.
  5. i stopped street racing when i was 16 years old...a small thing about breaking the law and endangering other peoples and my own should be done on the track!!!!!!grow up people!!!!!!how would you like it if one of your loved ones was injured or killed because two nimrods were trying to prove who has the fastest car on the street!!!!i have seen it way too many times working trauma ...its sicking and stupid!!!!!!
  6. well said....
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  8. Jim G sold his 360 Spider and bought a New E-gear Murcie
  9. I thought he didn't like it because no interior storage space?
  10. So, you don't exceed the speed limit? You never accelerate hard in your car?
  11. Right to the point man!
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  13. i do not race other cars on public roads.... of course accelerating on a quiet road with no on e around and feeling a fine lambo or ferrarind corners is fin and can be safe...but all out drag racing with outer cars is not safe.besides,lambo and f owners shouldnt lower themselves to run against such ordinary cars..let them wonder how fast your car really is!!!!!
  14. who said anything about any type of street racing. ? I simply said Z06's and Vipers and not having to worry about them dusting you rather it be on the track or anywhere. There is to many forum posts about street racing we know its wrong and only immature teens and ricers do it. But there is nothing wrong with opening up your car a little on a empty highway or back road.
  15. Cars pass by me only because I allow it. Just knowing I am faster is good enough for me.

  16. Well said.
  17. THAT is power.

    It's like you can mumble in your head as a Taurus speeds by, "I paadon you." (think Schindler's List)
  18. "Got tired of being worried about running into Z06's, Vipers, etc."

    This seems to be a genuine concern among for a surprising number of FChatters. I don't get it but, as ever, to each ....
  19. Not that much of a concern since I dont street race. But to know a car half the price of yours can completly destroy your car on the track and on the street or in every application besides mystique (name) and looks is kind of sad. Where as Lambo cant be touched by any stock American automobile. Of course speed isnt the only reason I consider any automobile but its good to have.
  20. "But to know a car half the price of yours can completly destroy your car on the track and on the street or in every application"

    Even assuming "destroy" is the right word, it just doesn't bother me. It just doesn't bother most of the F car owners on this Board, which is why they don't bother to respond to FvL threads. I didn't comparison shop Vettes, Vipers or Lambos when I bought my Stradale.

    I'll never know whether my wife's 1969 Mini can destroy my car on the street because, like you, I don't street race. If someone with a Gallardo or Murcie wants to race on a track, I might be willing to give that a shot, knowing that for virtually all owners, the winner will be the better driver, not the "better" car.
  21. WCH
    QUOTE. I didn't comparison shop Vettes, Vipers or Lambos when I bought my Stradale."

    May I ask why you didn't shop? Maybe you just prefer the "looks" or "badge"
    of the CS and nothing else matters?
    People are different, their buying decisions vary, but for me it was about more than looks when I cancelled my CS order and bought the Gallardo.
  22. I guess the same question could be asked of you - did you drive a CS and compare it to the Gallardo before you cancelled your order?
  23. I drove a 360 it wasn't even in the same league.Ferrari dealers are anal
    about test drives in my opinion,so no 360CS was driven. Naturally I read
    all available material (which granted is no substitute for hands on driving),and
    talked with someone in Europe who had ...and reacted from there.
  24. Aren't the new Vipers a match? :)
  25. Yes, the new Vipers are a match for the Murci. But the new Viper vs. the 360 = no match.
  26. Clax, Can you e-mail me any of your car pictures? (Murcielago)
  27. the viper is no match for the murci!!! the viper basically has a truck engine and it sounds like a truck!!!! it is not easy or pleasant to drive , and both motor trend and car and driver both preferred a z06 to the new viper, saying that is way much for refind.. and easier to drive fast.....
  28. You are mis informed on a few things.The engine in the original vipers had nothing to do with the truck engines.The were all aluminum,and only shared the number of cylinders.The new "505" is completely different than the 488's,sharing no components.It is extremely easy to drive,and as pleasant as you would expect in a 500 horsepower machine.As far as noise,it is extremely quiet,as you only hear 5 cylinders at a time,because of the side exhaust.I have owned vipers since 92,along with my F+L cars,and my only assumption here is that you have not actually owned a Viper,otherwise you would not make the comments you did.You can find magazine articles for and against any car you choose to.Talk to the guys that have owned them.And yes,I have also had the Z06.Its a nice car for the money,but its like the other 30,000 vettes they produce each year.The Viper is a limited production car,and while you may hate the look and what it stands for"american muscle",it is a world class performance car,and close to the top of the list in any performance category.

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