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Another Gallardo Egear question

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by MurcieMurcie, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. How can you tell if a Gallardo has the updated computers for the egear without a test drive? What questions should be asked to the dealer about the egear update? Once the upgrades are done is the car more stop-n-go traffic friendly? What are the changes for the '05 car and when will they be out?
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  3. Murcie
    You can't pure and sumple without getting into the system. But with a short 2 min drive I could ....MUCH DIFFERENT! User freindly,performance launches possible, and on and on. Why don't you want to test drive it?
    Maybe you can't buy the car over the phone ?
    DON'T buy an E-Gear that hasn't been upgraded.
  4. Is it safe to say that all 05's are upgraded or not? Also, when is navigation going to be offered? I don't understand how the issues can't be resolved by now since it has been working fine in the UK.
  5. Navigation will most likely be fitted into the system bus for the 2005 model year cars. Most of the newer Gallardo's have the upgraded E-Gear software that Wayne is speaking of. When you go to buy one, just make sure that if it did not come with it that you have them update it before shipment. I am pretty sure that most of these guys have the software available. Now that I think of it though, Wayne, didn't they have to change your computers? I will check and get back with you.

  6. Yes changed several computers.This is the problem shortage of extras.
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  8. I have a friend that fell in love and wants to buy one right now...As for me I am still working and might be able to buy one in a month or two if I am able to get some time off....If I was to buy one it would be site unseen over the phone like most other things I buy. Tired of flying and to jet lagged to hop a plane to look at a car. I wish I had more control of my life but I have to keep striking while the iron is hot or I may not have many good offers come my way in the future. As I relay this info he is getting an out the door price of $210k with a Larini exhaust...Is Larini preferred over Tubi for this motor? I have only used Tubi and have no personal experience with Larini systems.

    For the new Gallardo price I think I would just get a used low mileage Murcie for the few extra bucks...What is everyones speculation the used Gallardo market be like in a few years when the warranty will be up? Will the current G car owners take a bath or be okay in your personal opinion?
  9. Forgot to ask if the $210k is reasonable:)
  10. MurcieMurcie,

    What dealership is your friend going through?

    Thanks in advance
  11. Either SportAuto, Ultimate Motorworks, or Prestige Imports....He is a Director/Producer and has spoken with these 3 dealerships that I know of. Alot of people he knows have dealt with Vik and Nora but they don't have the exact car he wants right now.

    When will the '05 s be out? Would it be best for him just to wait?
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  13. If your talking about Prestige Imports in N. Miami Beach..........RUN!!!!!
  14. In my opinion Nora doesn't do you any favors either!!!
  15. What dealership is Nora from?
  16. I checked with the local dealer here in Thailand and they said that all cars with new computer updated installed are listed by VIN. They checked for me and my car already has the updated system. However, they did mention that they do have the software to update for those cars without one. They didn't mention any change of computers though.

    One thing I noticed was that the more I drive the car, the better the egear seems to be. Maybe if it is used more, it learns more, and in turn it performs better! Just my guess.
  17. Seems like LoD/Motorcars is the best place to deal with, several people must agree since their inventory changes faster than most other dealerships...I can say from experience that Scott Whitworth are Gary Seale are great people to buy exotics from:D:D

    But what can you do if a "shady"dealership has the exact car you want and a reputable one does'nt?
  18. I happen to have a few cars available and would be happy to help providing that I have your color. I have orange, black, pearl yellow and regular yellow to choose from. Not trying to solicite but I have a pretty good reputation and the extensive inventory to back it up. I also know of who has what in the country so if I do not have it I can tell you whom to call in order to get it. Let me know if I can steer you in the right direction.

    Chris Constantin
    Lamborghini Atlanta
  19. Dear Chris,
    Do the computers have to be changed to get the smooth gearshift? I just had my software updated, but no change of computers. The startup is much friendlier, but the 2,000 to 4,000 rpm range the car is very sensitive, not smooth at all in slow traffic. Also when the gears shift down there is a gap and the car revs up before gear change. Strange? any comments?
  20. My uncle just bought an 04 Gallardo with egear, and to be short, we looooooooooooove the car, except the egear. He's not very good at stick or using a computer, so I'm helping him find info on the egear. I've heard about this computer update for the clutch and onboard computer, and I was wondering how we would go about doing this, where, how much itll cost, and what changes come about as a result? And I also have a question, is there a more practical way to use in-car radar without having the cord plug into the cigarette lighter that is so inconveniently placed at the back of the console. Thanks!
  21. Just bought (long distance) a new 04 6sp from Jonathan Peck at Lamborghini Dallas. Great experience, (so car arrives in CA on Friday).

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