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Another Gallardo Convertee..... my wife

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by G-force, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. I've had the car for a few months 4300 miles and today asked
    the wife if she wanted to take it to Blockbusters and get a flick.
    "sure but I'll need some cushions I can't see over the dash".

    (she 5 ' 100 lbs.

    Okay 2 cushions later she is driving it in the Automatic mode. "no big deal what exactly is the big deal?"

    Theb I exp[lained paddle shifting to her and after a couple of shifts she is going like gang busters1-2-3-4-3-2-1 you get the the time we got home she's not thinking her 996 c2 is any big deal!!!!!

    Love it when you can share the passioin.....Tommorrow maybe I'll show her how to do performance launches? Then again the ESP has to be off for that manuever......ummmm??????Maybe not.....
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  3. No problem. Logistics is only real problem. If you can make it to Riverside
    you can go for a ride/drive after 5 in the afternoons or anytime Sundays. you cam PM me for address/phone number.
  4. any more pics of your car wayne?... its very cool
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  6. Wayne,

    I wouldnt need a drive/ride. Just a visual would be sufficient. You are in luck, Sundays are my only days off. I am about 70 miles from Riverside, but willing to make the drive. Let me know if next Sunday works, and I will make it out there with my 35mm camera. :)
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  8. Damn. Ryan will soon be joining "THE DARK SIDE", no doubt.

  9. I would have joined the dark side earlier, but Ralph in Houston called me on my cell to meet up with him while I was getting on the plane to return to Los Angeles. :D No worries, I will meet up with Ralph at a later date. Looks like, Wayne will be taking my Lambo car virginity instead of Ralph :D
  10. Wayne, make sure you get this guy into your car and drive him around. He gets offers but is always hesitant to take people up on them!!
  11. There is better than a 50-50 chance I may have to go to Santa Monica Sunday I won't know until Sat. PM your contact info might save you a drive.
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  13. PM sent. Whatever works for ya. I am in the VC (thousand Oaks/Calabasas) area, and am willing to meet anywhere per your convinience. :)
  14. LA
    Car is goining to be exhibited at The Art center in Pasadena on the 18th in the car show and that is certain.
  15. Thanks for the heads up Wayne. :)

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