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Anniversary Murci-Great values out there

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. This car has been a problem for dealers from day one. The 2003 Anniv. Murci can be had at a great price, everywhere. Many dealers still have the original car unsold. Most of them have a couple hundred miles on them, just from test drives and pulling them in and out of the showroom. The car is actually very nice, and has many carbon fiber upgrades, as well as a great wheel color. If you are looking for a "new" Murci, at a bargain price, with a full warranty, check these cars out. You can steal them at most dealers.
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  3. what would you consider a steal for a car with about 200 miles on it?
  4. why have they proven to be so unpopular?

    only 50 were made, you think they'd all sell fast for over MSRP knowing they'd be worth more than your standard murcielago down the road later on.
  5. The problem was and is the color. Many people who saw the car felt the car was just plain ugly in that color, hence, leftovers and lower prices, but as I asked earlier, how much lower???
  6. What?! That color is gorgeous.
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  8. I think the color in the flesh/metal is quite lovely. I'm guessing that it does not really show that well in the pictures.
  9. Guys: the color on the car looks NOTHING like the picture above. The picture above does not look half bad. You must see the car in real life to judge.
  10. I have seen, and sat in, the 2003 Lamborghini Murcielago 40th Anniversary at an auto show last year. I personally do not like the colour combonation of the car and would much rather opt for a normal yellow on black scheme, but that's just me.
  11. Yeah that color is awful when you see it in person. I know of quite a few dealers that have them still available. Open Dupont Registry and you will see the dealers. Crazyness. A local NYC dealer has one over here too.
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  13. Is the difference just cosmetic or is there also some performance enhancement?

  14. Exterior only. No performance I believe.
  15. I have to agree that it's a hideous color in person! IMO, it would have looked much better in black with all of the carbon fiber features serving as accents.
  16. Whats so hideous about the color?? I saw one last year at the LA Auto Show and it looked amazing in that color combo. It think i would choose that color over anyother color if i had a choice.....
  17. The color, while not that bad, is too non-traditional for a Lambo. Even if they had done it in the purple, like the 30th cars, they would have sold. That being said, 2 years down the road it will be just another color, and the savings today will be a benefit at resale time. Bob, you can get a "new" 03 Anniversary for as low as 230k, which is 70k off of the MSRP. I have seen a 1200 mile "new" car for 220k.
  18. This coming from a guy with a powder blue F40 for an avatar. :)

    I keeeed, I keeeed!
  19. Having seen one at Fox Valley, I TOTALLY AGREE with you. See one in person first. Does anyone have current prices??
  20. Doesn't it have like 10 more horespower?
  21. No, not that I'm aware of.
  22. Dave, you can get one for about 230k. Most have a few "dealer" miles on them, but the full warranty.
  23. =)
  24. The color is just hit and miss. It is personal preference. Agreed the car does not seem to photo well. You have to see it outside. They should not charge anymore than a regular 03 Murcie. They did very little to seperate this from a normal Murcie. 40th anniv ? Hopefully they will do a better job next time for the 50th.
  25. The color is NOT very appealing in person. It is much more green in hue than AJ's picture shows.
  26. That's a matter of personal taste. I've seen many se's in person and the color depends greatly on the lighting. Sometimes more blue, sometimes more green. That's one thing I like about the car. The thing I don't care for is the perforated leather. But that too is a personal preference :)
  27. Maybe I'm the only one but I love that color. I love the color combination. I just wish I could afford it on a student budget.
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