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Am i missing a Lambo

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Ferrari01974, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. After the Diablo was released, was there another Lambo called Calla or something like that in name that was released. I remember seeing photos of a yellow one which was smaller in size than the diablo.

    Can anyone fill me in on this.
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  3. The cala was to be the "small lambo" back in 1995, it was a prototype, before Audi took the reigns. Sort of a pre-gallardo, but I think it would have had a V8 or V8 TT as I recall. Actually a pretty car IMHO. Anyhow, it never turned into anything, and now we gallardos:)
  4. to me -
    a MUCH better design, visually, than the Gallardo -

  5. Not for me. I would never have bought that - it looks like a kit car IMO. :)
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  7. Thanks guys, for a minute there i thought i was deaming, i knew there was something i was missing
  8. well you have a gallardo, of course you would say that :)
    but i agree i don't like the cala much
    it's cool in that need 4 speed video but i like the gallardo's looks better
  9. I agree! The gallardo is 100 times sharper! That thing looks like a poor example of a diablo kit car
  10. THIS IZ WAR !!!!!!!
    for all the knucklehedz that think the Gay-lardo(thanx Hydra) is a better lookin' car -
    certificates for eye exams will be sent to Each & Every one of you -


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  12. I saw the Cala back at the Geneva show when thay launched it. I've got loads of pictures and must admit it was lovely at the time, some 9/10 years ago. I still think its nice now but would certainly change some parts of it.

    I'll dig them out and scan them on for you all.



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