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allanlambo - Ques re: Murcielago brake squeal

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Clax, Mar 14, 2004.

  1. Hey Allan,

    A Murcielago I drove had some brake squeal at low stopping speeds, while lightly engaging the brake pedal. At higher speeds, or higher pedal pressure, there was no squeal. The dealer says that they just have to rough the pads up & round the edges, and it will go away. But, after they do that, they recommend the driver to apply the brakes quite firmly, instead of feathering to a stop. He claims the previous driver was too soft on the brakes.

    Are you familiar with this problem? If so, does his explanation sound reasonable, or is there a better solution? (new pads, aftermarket pads, or other solution)

    Thanks for you help.
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  3. It is a problem that occurs when the pads havent been broken in properly. Usually a few hard stops will clear the problem up. If not, im sure there are aftermarket options available.
  4. the murcielago's are notorious for brake squeel due to the fact that they come stock with pagid blue pads. These are an extremely aggressive set up for the street and were originated for use in rally and open cock pit racing (formula ford etc.). This also explains why the braking feels completely non-existent until they are heated up. Since the vehicle uses an off the shelf brembo 4-piston F-50 caliper 355mm brake set up a number of pads are available. I just say forget the stock brakes and go with a Brembo Le Mans 8-piston monoblock caliper set up.
  5. I thought the stock brakes on the Murciealgo were excellent. It IS true that they need to be "broken in" or worn etc... After that they have excellent stopping power.
    Overall braking stability is VERY VERY good - even under extreme braking from VERY high speed - however I felt you do need to correct just a little. ABS kicks in quite late too showing there is plenty of grip. (unlike 360/355/ and especially 996 GT2).
    The newer cars I drove squealed... the examples with mileage didn't.

    Clax - it's obvious you are thinking about a Murcielago - DO IT! - It's pretty much the best car out there.
  6. Thanks, I think that's some very good advice! I am working on it...
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  8. Clax,

    Did you trade in your spider for the murcie? what color and if you don't mind me asking the price?
  9. If pads get "crazed" they will squel and work poorly. This is usually caused by semi comp pads on the street which aren't used hard enough. If you're going to use your brakes sand blast these and they'll be fine. If you're not going to use them hard replace then with softer pads.
  10. The deal is now done!!! I traded the Spider for the Murcie. Please understand that I'd rather not post the price, to respect the interests of the seller. I stated my pricing position to the seller about 3-4 months ago (deal which included the sale/trade of my Spider), and they met my request over the weekend by finding an interested buyer of my Spider (by the way, the buyer of the Spider is getting an immaculate car that is a hard car for me to part with).

    My Murcie specs are:

    1600 miles
    3-Layer Yellow Metallic Paint
    Black Leather with Yellow Stitch

    I'll post pics as soon as I have them.

    I can't believe that I am following AllanLambo to the dark side. I feel like Luke Skywalker when he was being drawn over by Darth Vader. ;)

    Seriously though, that car is an absolute beast of an exotic. Nothing I have driven comes close the raw energy you feel when you drive it, let alone looking at it standing still.

  11. The Devil always wins! Congrats! Good choice!
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  13. In stock guise they're far too quiet but I don't have a problem remedying that :)... other than that I think that Murcielagos are FABULOUS.
    Congratulations Clax.....
  14. congrates...murcis are great cars....almost too much power...with a tubi the sound is fierce!!!!!!!!!what did you end up selling your spider for if i may ask?
  15. I'm definitely going to get an aftermarket exhaust installed before I take delivery of it. Probably a Tubi, but willing to look at other options.

    As far as the sale price of the Spider, I can tell you that there are buyers out there that are still willing to pay a good buck for these cars (with the right mileage, color combo, options). Unfortunately I really can't divulge the details of the sale, because the gentleman who orchestrated the deal asked for me not to divulge the details (he handled both the sale of the Spider and purchase of the Murci). I sincerely apologize for that, but he put the deal together that I asked for over a 4-month period, so I really want to respect his request. I'll check with him again after a few days to see if he is cool with divulging the details, because I don't mind people knowing, it's more for his interests.

    For those of you with Spiders that are testing the market to sell, my advice is be patient and don't get over-anxious. There are buyers out there willing to pay very fair prices (unless you have some fugly color combo with no options).
  16. Nice Clax, congrats!

  17. First, congrats to Clax!! Awesome car, I'm sure you will have fun driving/personalizing it! :)

    Secondly (a crazy aside), I learned in philosophy today that St. Thomas Aquintas understood The Bible as saying 'Satan (being a rational individual) wanted to percieve God, but wanted to obtain it on his own' basically an angel not accepting God's handout... sounds more like a religions class I know. Hopefully there is more to it to learn later connecting it with something relevant!

    But yeah the Devil sounds like the cooler guy if you ask me! ;) (crazy useless aside over) :)

    Happy driving!
  18. Clax, congrats. Post the pictures as soon as you have the car.

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