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allan on lambo-talk...

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by bostonmini, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. allan, youre killing me here! i was JUST about to ask for a nice giallo 355 and you say on the other board youd trade in for a 996TT...ugh! man! back to the drawing boards, somehow i dont think santa will deliver till at least may but still...dammit, i wish they would make just one more 993 for ME and maybe then id take it, but then again, unlike you, i am a peasant with only the opportunity to have ONE sports car, hehe, so i would want it to be lambo/ferrari, not an everday-er, like a pcar...
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  3. I would trade the 355 in a heartbeat for a nice yellow or white 996TT. I want to do an Evo Motorsports stage 4 package and Techart body kit. That will make it a daily driver with Enzo performance.
  4. That is one of the funniest posts I've ever read. It's like you're basing your decision on which car to buy based on the silly posts of this assclown! That's Hilarious!
  5. 348Turbo, I form my OWN opinions, however I do so heavily on the input of friends, and their opinions are even more valueable when they own or have owned the vehicle in question. Isnt it only fair to ask someone who has owned a 355 (in this case) but also OTHER marques to compare it to? seems reasonable to me.
  6. Have you posted in General Discussion or gathered opinions from other members of the board who've owned a 355 as well as models of other marques...? i agree, that's the best thing to do, but i also agree with 348, that Allan's an assclown and asking him for advice is like buying condoms AFTER you've contracted herpes...
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  8. Damn DES, you and Allan really go at it. I thought Allan was going to buy a Gallardo in place of his 355.
  9. Bostonmini, they are right, you should take the opinions of an Fcar owner who has Turbocharged a 348 that still cannot run with a stock Corvette, and the Ferrarichat Charity Case Des! LOL

    Maybe Des can advise you on how to get someone to buy you a Sebring!
  10. That's quite a low blow Allan. It wasn't charity, as DES is paying Bruce (and I suspect you knew that).
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  12. LOL... Joe, don't even respond, he does that just for attention... When it comes to money, i can't hold a candle to Allan and i have no problem admitting that..., if only money were all that mattered in life, then, maybe, Allan would be liked or even like himself a bit...
  13. Money is certainly not all that matters in life, family, health etc are tops for me. But i would certainly have to be self-sufficient atleast.
  14. It appears our definitions of self-sufficiency differ; you see, i was still maintaining things without a car, the car is just a bonus... With Bruce's help, i can accomplish a lot more, in so little time... Bruce's altruism has greatly increased opportunities for me... & yeah, i guess you can call it charity- even if i'm paying him back; but the difference between you and i- what you're missing is, even without the car, i'd still be the same person.

  15. Don't worry lambo, as big difference there is between folio and folie, you've got 'em both covered.
  16. Yes, either way.... you'd still be a charity case.
  17. LMAO, you just made my point...!

  18. I donated at the Salvation Army yesterday, im sure your check will be in the mail shortly!
  19. LOL...!!!

    You continue to amaze me, Allan... At what point will you realize that i'm baiting you...? That i purposely respond to your crap with more crap, just to get you to come back...? You're a dolt, plain and simple. You are proof positive that all the money in the world can't buy you class or intelligence... Let's hear another sorry-ass retort, you emotionally unstable twit...
  20. I am not chiming in here! I am a bystander, but out of curiosity, Des, how old are you? and howd you meet Bruce well enough to give a loan? I like everyone on here that has responded...Im just curious when it comes to real finances, I would gladly meet with someone of course, but actually having them drive my car for know...I guess its good that its such a tight forum!
  21. Mini... i met Bruce here, on FerrariChat... We've been good friends ever since... :)

    i apologize for tainting your thread... i shouldn't let my feud with Allan interrupt your search for knowledge...

    As far as the forum goes, you're right, it's very tight... i've met many people from here and they're all wonderful folks...

  22. What if im doing the same?
  23. bostonmini, I would talk to more people. I've never been in a 996 but have been in 993 and 355 and would rather have the 355. More exciting - as you say, less everyday. The 355, in my opinion, mixes style, exciting driving, and great noise.
  24. Is this Allan guy a real person? What is this world coming too.
  25. bostonmini quotes:

    "this may seem painfully obvious and possibly childish, but when i asked my father for a xmas present (360 replacement wait list spot) he told me that it was ridicoulous as the car was still over a year away. Not that he will actually do it"

    "allan, youre killing me here! i was JUST about to ask for a nice giallo 355 and you say on the other board youd trade in for a 996TT...ugh! man! back to the drawing boards, somehow i dont think santa will deliver till at least may but still."

    Maybe I'm just old fashioned but,
    I provide my children with the ability to get a good education,
    as well as reliable transportation.
    But I would never buy them a Ferrari.
    That is something they should earn themselves.
  26. Good Call.
  27. perhaps...but then again, my philosophy is that by asking for some "help" for these luxury objects, I am young enough to enjoy them...I wonder if people in their 40's, 50's, 60's still have the same type of excitement over cars as people my age do? well, it would seem, but I actually wonder the age of our board members...I should also note, that by buying this item, it would really be a "corporate vehicle;)"

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