After seeing this color, I want one again. | LamborghiniChat

After seeing this color, I want one again.

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. This is unreal!! Note the clear engine cover too. Alot of room for Nitrous in the trunk as well!!
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  3. To me the yellow calipers really set off the car!! If not red why not blue?
  4. I think that color looks great. A nice change from the usual red/black/ silver yellow.
  5. That's a beauty! Very unique and attractive.
  6. That's one of the reasons I would prefer a Lambo over other Italian exotica : the Colors.
    exotic cars deserve exotic colors.
    my fave ever was a Purple (Viola) used on Diablos.
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  8. Love the interior, but really not a fan of the exterior. Dunno. All those vents everywhere, and those squared angled lines really make me dislike the G a bit more everyday.
  9. That's one hell of a nice blue. I wonder if it's available on the Murcielago. Anyone know the name of it?
  10. thepurple was wild... very unique..would only work on a diablo...can you image a purple 500s mb?

  11. I love this car, on the exterior, it has more of a sharper edge (angle) than 360.

    However, it is me or the interior of the Gallardo looks like a German sedan.
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  13. Not sure if you are joking but the reason the interior looks like it is from a German sedan is because it is. The Gallardo got a lot of its interior items from Audi. Maybe that is how they are able to price the Gallardo at a reasonable price. Probably more to it than that but it definitely helps at keeping the costs down.

    Is the Gallardo pictured a US Car or a European one?

    I think the Blue Gallardo looks great. Blue with yellow calipers would make any Michigan fan happy.
  14. Haha!! I was thinking the same exact thing!! How did you manage to take pics like that @ Lamborghini Dallas??
  15. Love the colors on that car! Of course, the exterior looks like the same pearl blue as my Subaru (making it easy to like), but that interior is very, very nice.
  16. I only know one other guy that has put Nitrous in his Lambo. Do you know more? I have owned Lambo's for 22 years and have only seen one other(besides mine) with Nitrous. And I am a drag strip guy, and proud of it. I put decals on my Lambo's too. I use nitrous for top end burns, not drag strip runs. Why are you such a critic of other individuals personal preference in their cars? I read alot of stuff from people that I dont agree with, but I dont feel compelled to comment negatively on it. Different strokes for different folks. Here, have some Nitrous!!
  17. Now we know what Jim is going to do to his lambo.
  18. AJ is your system wet or dry?
  19. Dry.
  20. And it's the same blue as my Honda Civic SI, but it's a wonderful color on any car, and the interior is nice.
  21. I rally like that car. The interior just flat out rocks!

    I was thinking about painting my calipers yellow - Just this makes me want to do it even more. Thanks for posting.
  22. Oh man, yellow calipers would look great on MY blue, uh...I mean your blue tr.
  23. At Lambo Toronto, There's a new G-car in a similar scheme to the blue car pictured at the start of the thread. the difference is that instead of creme, the inserts are tan, and the seats are entirely done in tan. I'll try and get pics soon.

    Personally, I'm wondering what yellow inserts would look like. Combined with the yellow calipers, I think it'd be a stunner.

  24. A.J. I was wonder what the laws in the U.S. are allowing Nitrous to be used on the street. Here in Canada we cannot have NOS installed in a street driven car. You are allowed to have the pluming and such but cannot carry the bottle hooked up to the engine in any way. You are allowed to have it for use at the track and such. I belive the reasons for it are because it is a compressed gas, and it is an accelerant for fire. If someone were to get into a car accident that has NOS, and the bottle were to exploed or leak, it could cause majpr damage and possiably put the rescue crews in serious danger. I know NOS is not a flamable substance, it cools the air charge to the engine, but being in a compressed state the chance of explosion are greater, and can make a small fire bigger.
  25. Hey Tom. You cant have it actually flowing on the street, supposedly. I always keep my valves turned off, unless Im at an event, or have a timed session going on. So, technically you cant use it on the street, but it has to be proven that the lines were open, and flowing. I dont know if that varies by state, but thats the deal where I live. The containers are certified to be carried in a vehicle, full, as long as the gas isnt in the lines.

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