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After Market Wheels for a Murcie

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by racerdj, Apr 16, 2005.

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    Does anybody have any aftermarket pics of wheels for a Murcielago. Either their own or others. Your opinion of the stock rims, chromed.
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  3. Yuck - bling!
  4. I think the Lowenhart BS5 rims are the most decent on the Murcie, but look best on the 6.0:

    I'm not a big fan of the chromed stock wheels. I don't think I like chromed stock wheels on any car for that matter.

    Edit: There are also the Maya DTM wheels I've seen on the Murcielago. The look similar to the BS5 so I like them:
  5. HRE makes a hot wheel for the Murcie. With that so does Fikse and Kinesis. I am not a huge fan of aftermarket unless they are made by someone who makes a real high quality wheel that is also in the racing business. You need to make sure that they are right and a company that can custom cut a set of wheels will make them right for sure.

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  7. Don't do want to keep the warranty and the balance of the car correct.

    Just my opinion

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  9. All warrenty issues aside. I really like the aftermarket wheels shown so far. Alot more than the stock ones.
  10. What warranty issues would you face by having aftermarket rims? :confused:
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  12. Keep it stock.
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  14. Ditto.
  15. kinesis wheels would look good i think. certainly not very bling though if thats what you want.

    heh also, try getting some CCW wheels
  16. are those Maya wheels 20 inch or 19's?
  17. Lamborghini ( and Ferrari I might add ) are real sticky about wheels these days. Seems there have been cases where warranty work has been turned down due to aftermarket wheels being part of the problem. I know that if you read the fine print changing the wheels in "theory" voids the warranty.

    Don't hang me out to dry over this, I am just telling you what I know and have been told from Lambo and Ferrari sources.

    Do we have customers change their I recommend it...nope.

    Personally I would just make sure if you do change them they are made by a top company and are engineered for the Murcie.


  18. There is a reason for Lamborghini denying claims on Murcielagos with changed rims or tires, and that's because of the VT AWD system.

    The viscous coupling requires very specific sizes, and if those are out of spec, you can damage the VT system costing you $15,000. That's why if you ever change rims, make sure they are the same size and so are the tires. If you do that you will have zero warranty problems.

    If you don't, you will damage the VT system in a short period of time. If you want to keep the blingin rims, as I did on my Orange 6.0, you need to disconnect the AWD system by removing the halfshafts and driveshaft. Then, the VT system can not be damaged, and the car will be 2WD instead of AWD.

    All Murcielagos have the VT systems, most later Diablos do as well.

    So that's why warranty problems occur on folks who change the rims out of spec.

  19. The thing to watch out for, more than just making sure that you have the same sizes as stock, is to make sure that the front and rear overall rolling diameter is the same. You can plus size or go a little bigger overall rolling diameter, as long as it's the same front and rear otherwise you'll be eating front differentials (word on the street was that Missy Elliott went through 2 before getting rid of the lime green car but that's unsubstantiated afaik) which are priced out at $26k per pop from Lambo. This is also what I've heard from a few authorized dealers as to why they won't warranty anything suspension or transmission related if there are aftermarket wheels on the car. The biggest issue I've seen is with the Maya 19"/20" combos which are frequently advertised for Murcie's and 6.0's; the rolling difference is about 5% front to rear, which just constantly pounds the front diff.

    Hope this helps

  20. I am getting the Maya's.

    The ratio is less then 1% different then stock. It is all in the tires that you go with.
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  22. Can anyone tell me what my ratio of front and back will be compared to factory?

    Factory tires

    front 245/35/18
    back 335/30/18

    Maya setup tires

    front 235/35/19
    back 345/25/20
  23. Scott, dont do that. Not even funny to joke. :) That setup will require a new VT system very soon if you are using it. 2WD or factory setup. (or same ratio).

  24. HI Ben,

    The ratio front and back stays the same with these other tires. I checked the height compared to the factory and the aftermarket tires are a little taller , but the same ratio front and back.

    What was removed to make your car a 2 wheels drive?

    What ever happened to your clutch?
  25. Scott - The difference front to rear factory is a 4.69% increase of the rear rolling circumference (front rolling C is 1975.12mm, rear is 2067.80mm)- the Maya setup you list is a 5.31% difference - (front rolling C is 2032.92mm, rear is 2137.85mm) - this means the front differential is set (hopefully Lambo accounted for this) for a .955 ratio as compared to the rear, and the maya creates a .951 ratio...I have no idea if this small a difference is going to completely chew up your front diff or not...every time your tires make one rotation, the fronts are going to be travelling about 13mm less than lambo figured they would, creating a drag situation on the front wheels as compared to the can actually hear the fronts bark from time to time on the 19/20 setups I've been around if they're being moved slowly on concrete or a painted surface. Think of a welded differential in an old muscle car going around a corner.
  26. Hey Scott,
    Authorized Lambo dealer chiming in, be very careful. We had a guy burn up his front diff trying to get it on a tow truck and could not warranty the diff due to a set of 19 and 20 inch Maya's. Use caution, that is why I mentioned the companies earlier that I did because they do not make mistakes in sizing.


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