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Affolter Murci??????

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by MAHOOL, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. Does anyone know if Affolter, the French tuner, will be doing their damage on a Murci........I particularly like their Diablos....not everyones cup of tea, but since they tuned alot of Diablos wondering if anyone has pics of the Murci or even the Gallardo.......
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  3. dont u think its a little much on the body work??? i agree that the back end looks better and , but i think the front and side of the car... they have gone a bit too far... my opinion anyway :)... no word on the tuning for the gallardo and murc.
  4. Not particularly looking forward to it. I have to admit it's very difficult to improve the Diablo's design (whereas the Murci has more room for improvement) though. We shall see.
    BTW, Affolter is a swiss dealer (and tuner too). :)
  5. GOTTA be the same ppl that did the bugatti EB110, same venting and everthing.
  6. Absolutely NOT! You shall be killed for your offense.
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  8. this is also an Affolter Conversion but not as Radical as the GTR EVO they made........nice back end and flowing spoiler
  9. another angle of the same car
  10. Yeah, nevermind. Just saw most of the Affolter Diablo on another forum. The one in the first post is the only one where he got carried away (and that's the one we always see).

    So, I hope he does something, and I can't wait!!! Gallardo too. It needs bodywork. :)
  11. Love the back end of that car. Outstanding!!
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