aaaaargh!!! the new polizia's car (Italy) | LamborghiniChat

aaaaargh!!! the new polizia's car (Italy)

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Benito, May 12, 2004.

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  2. You cannot be serious.
  3. can't be!!!!!!!!!! where do they put the prisoner?
  4. If I had a Ferrari, I wouldn't want a speeding ticket from a cop in a Gallardo.
    Now if it was the other way around...360 police car stoping a Lambo ..:)
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  6. i question the truth of this because of the manual transmission. Will cops really want to be shifting all the time?
  7. In Texas they use High performance Mustangs and Camaros for pursuit only vehicles. They use manual gearboxes in them. They will run 160 mph.

    When BMW built the plant in South Carolina they gave the South Carolina State Police a coupe of M5 pursuit vehicles as a show of goodwill.

    Louisiana uses a pursuit Camaro to lead the party there when the Ferrari weekend occurs each year. Ask the guys who participate. They sometimes have a hard time keeping up with a Camaro running 150 mph with it red lights flashing and siren going........
  8. Good thing the car is not an E gear. I'm surprised that the interior isn't loaded down more with computers, radios, weapons, etc... Texas state troopers have hardly any room to move in a Camaro Z28.
  9. Arrest me?.. Where am I gonna put my HO's?
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  11. Wow! Impressive. Here in NY State, the Thruway patrol uses Camaros. In Colorado, specifically Boulder, I've seen them in Audis.
  12. Exotic car for police car? I wonder how many Gallardo will be used.

    Italian police must have a big budget for their cars.

    I forgot what they are called, and they are not police, but those guards who dressed like military people looked even fashionable in their uniform. Police in Gallardo surely looks intimidating, but cool, too. Good way to increase applicants for police...
  13. All true!

    I hope not to meet it on the road while I push on the gas pedal

    Mine mondial T does not have hope! : -)
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    It will come used mainly for two scopes:

    A) Lend an express aid to the men hurt in street incidents or for the transport express of organs for the transplant.

    B) For the control of the limits of speed on freeways (130 Km/h to the maximum) and in fact is fortified of detector video-laser of speed and of printing in order to print endured the photos registratew the system and to make endured the fine the drivers (look the photo).
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  15. In Italy practically all cars, police included, are manuals. Even if automatic is spreading, this desease is not deeply infiltrated yet.


  16. This car was a present from Lamborghini. By the way, having seen the recent ticket rise, soon they will all rdive Zondas...

  17. we haven't heard from AllanLambo in a while, you don't suppose..........
  18. Was it in lieu of payment for the speeding tickets their test drivers must have built up over the years?
  19. I wonder how many miles will be put on that car in a year.
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  21. You sure about that?
  22. The california highway patrol has some pursuit camaros as well. Sneaky people as they are they're painted white with a clear light rack.
  23. Now I don't know about that! It's not really that hard. ;)

  24. Looks better than the SV grafitti they used to put all over the side of Diablo's!

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