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A very hot Lamborghini Murciélago...

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by taunus, Apr 5, 2004.

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  2. Is that Kimi Raikonnen's car? Heh. Just kidding. I crack myself up.
  3. It almost looks unreal. The front is still so shiny and good looking. It could be, seriously, look at how the flames are sort of surrounding it. Cool pics.
  4. wait till allan sees this!
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  6. I saw it already. I cried.
  7. Oh no!!!!!!!
  8. That's what happens when you don't carry a fire extinguisher in the car!
  9. Haha
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  12. Anyone know what the cause was?

    Didn't the Muria have a tendency to have fuel fires due to a plugged drain in the drip pan under the Webers? The first Muria I saw was a burned out wreak in the back of a MB service shop in the 60's.
  13. That's too bad. Excellent response time by Fire Department, though.
  14. Yes, Ive heard something very similar to that.
  15. I love the "hero shot" of the fire department posing behind the car.
  16. Many have the gas tanks in the back, right near the engine.
  17. well burned cars can be fixed :) , the Body,chassis and the vin nr are all that are needed to make a new car out of the same one ... the engine block can be cleaned up to and so on .
    but i think the one that will buy that one will probably just make use of the chassis w/ vin nr plate and engine block .
  18. The repair cost will far exceed the cost of replacement, besides when metal is heated like that it is weakened. It's not worth the chance, too many safety issues. That car needs to be destroyed & any attept to save it is pointless.
  19. I agree totally.
  20. The only things worth saving are some of the engine internals and perhaps the exhaust system, the rest is scrap metal. Certainly not worth the current bid of $6000 which hasn't even reached reserve :rolleyes:

  21. true , but a kit car can be made ''legal'' and sold ''legally'' as a Lamborghini with the chassis , vin nr and other registration plates .
    it can be ''re''built for around 20 thousand dollars and then sold for as high as 80-120 thousand .

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