A traitor ? Let's have some Evian water, Escargot and Brie | LamborghiniChat

A traitor ? Let's have some Evian water, Escargot and Brie

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by ralfabco, Nov 10, 2004.

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  3. Looks good Ralph !! Congrats !!
  4. wow. that is a beauty, congratulations ralph!
  5. Nice Ralph. I hope your not batting for the other team now! ;)
  6. A lovely car is a lovely car no matter what the badge is. What a beauty :)
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  8. Thanks for the comments.

    No Sportveloce !! LOL
  9. What a great looking car Ralph! Congratulations again.

    Hey - the spirit of Allan does live on - but your bedside manner seems to be far better than Allan's :)

    I may have to get down to Houston to visit with you and the "beasts"..

  10. Dear David:

    I had mentioned this to you before. You can drive them all. Even ride the Hayabusa !! Thanks for the comments. Please show up soon !! I know you are busy now. Soon you will sleep thru the night.... ahhhh. sigh.
  11. DId you trade the SE?
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  13. No. I still use it to harass Ferraris.

  14. o.k. I am working on it. BUT. - Can I also hold up a copy of the current New York Times ? Look in the background, you may see a hotel towel.
  15. WOW Ralph, your new 512bbi looks great! I wonder if Luigi will buy a Ferrari next?


  16. Very nice car and BTY great color!!

  17. Will thanks !!!!!

    You got to see it.

    Last I heard Luigi was looking at a 2 cyl Fiat. Perhaps he is now afraid of going fast ? You know he IS older than me. He also wants a bike. I recommended motocycleta deportivo / organ donor bike. I said lets go to the Duc or Suzuki dealer. He wanted to check out the Harley's and all the chrome. Speed ment nothing ?

    Stay tuned !!!

  18. Thanks Dave

    I figured you would like the red paint. - They both just happened that way.

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