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a few more questions...

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by bostonmini, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. Guys, this forum is like a family, its AWESOME, i have never seen such fast responses from ppl that KNOW what they are talking about! One further question on the Murci, will they have a legitamete targa at any point, or just the (for me) useless barchetta? the Diablo roadster was successful, why no murci right? Also, do you all see lamborghini doing an F1 debut any time in the distant future, might be nice to wear a raging bull hat instead of the prancing horse....;)
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  3. The Barchetta is coming, no idea on a Targa. Only racing i know of will involve the Murcielago R-Gt. I will wear my raging bull hat anywy!
  4. Lambo already tried F1 years ago as an engine supplier. Didn't fare too well. If you've been watching "F1 Decade" on SpeedTV, you'd see the Lambos race (backmarkers mostly). It would be pretty costly for Audi to make a full-on Lambo F1 effort now. But who knows...

    The Mercielago was supposed to race in the Le Mans 1000KM over the weekend (Ferraris won GT and GTS). I checked the results and it was nowhere to be found. I wish there's more news about that car though.
  5. Lamborghini supplied engines to Minardi, who were a joke then and are a joke now, and will likely always be a joke.

    They pulled out of the race because they were having problems with the top speed of their car. They went from drawing board to race car in no time using the races as their testing. Once the full on effort is on and there won't be mods to the car it will be interesting how it fares. As of right now it isn't even fit to compete.

    There is no plan for a Murcielago targo on the works. Their efforts are being spent as Allan mentioned, in their Barchetta model.

    I don't see Lamborghini doing F1 anytime soon. They will go after endurance racing which is less of a departure from race car to street car.

  6. Are you sure about the Minardi and Lamborghini link? I thought they supplied engines to Larrousse and some other small teams but not Minardi. Ferrari did supply some engines to Minardi in the early nineties and Minardi scored some points with it.

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