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98 Diablo SV

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Wildwarrior, Apr 11, 2004.

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    Well she arrived via 35' private hauler late sat evening and what a difference an extra .15 cents a mile gives you.I had her out for about an hr last night and wow what a sweet driving car.

    It is hard to compare my 512TR with this car, they are so different as to ride and feel.I do fit much better in my Diablo vrs. my Ferrari ,and unless you are looking at the speedometer you also have less a sense of speed than in the 512.The fit and finish is also very good, now that I have had time to go over her.She is a real sweet ride,now I just need some more seat time.!
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  3. What a beautiful car! Congrats and enjoy it. Now that the weather seems to be consistently better, I am looking forward to exercising my steeds! Post a detailed impression of both asap, please. I for one would love an unbiased opinion as I would love to own one soon...Thanks in advance, and LUCKY YOU!!!!!
  4. Btw, what is the "15 cents per mile " all about?
  5. Wildwarrior, Did that car come from Dallas Lambo? Snowcorn interior? If it did, you beat me to it. I was there yesterday asking about it but they said it had left. I see you have a penchant for yellow. Me too!

    I've spied one in SanDiego just like it that I'll persue. I'd love to hear more about your impressions.

  6. In the past I had Gold Rush type haulers deliver my cars and have had many nightmare experiences including several miles on my car,scratchs,one month on the road etc.This time I paid an extra .15 cents per mile to have the "Driver Owner" haul my ride in a single car trailer. The cost was $100.00 more and well worth it!
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  8. Very nice. Looks bad, but bad in the good way ;-).

    After a few weeks, I'm sure we'd like to read a larger comparo with the TR. Of course, you need to drive and drive that Diablo good to get a feel for it!
  9. Is that your garage ???? If it is and you need someone to wash your cars......let me know i'm more than happy to fly all the way from Australia to where ever you are to wash those dream machines....for free. Congratulations !!!!!
  10. Incredible Diablo.I know that car,and it is pristine,and sounds awesome with that exhaust on it.Congrats.
  11. Get your post count up. A.J.

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  13. Wildwarrior

    Congratulations. That is a very nice looking SV. The yellow really enables
    that car to stick out. I saw a yellow SV on Long Island. WOW.
  14. Thats awesome! I like the silver wing. More pictures please
  15. LMFAO. Yeah,soon my opinion will count!!lol
  16. I think it's black.

    But yes, some more pics would be nice!
  17. I want more pictures. :(
  18. are you saying you prefer the Disblo to your TR ???
  19. hahahah i could give you stuff to post from my website lol


    Ferrari chat post reputation analogy

    0-50----you could be some loser kid no one will respond to you

    50-100----you could still be a loser kid that no one will respond too..

    100-500----prove your somebody

    500 and more...---never doubted lol

    12,000----find a new hobby!! GO OUT! EAT SLEEP ITS OKAY!!!
  20. what's LMFAO anyway ???
  21. lol!!

  22. laughin my f'n ass off
  23. very nice car
  24. Congrads, enjoy it it is a very nice car
  25. Pretty badass, Allanlambo would be proud! haha

  26. thanks for pointing that out,

    Just how on earth could anyone have guessed that ?

    btw, what exactly does "lol" stand for ?

    sorry, but I never understood that either.
  27. LOL= laughing out loud
  28. And before you ask ROFLMFAO = Rolling On The Floor Laughing My F'n Ass Off. You can add some PMP like Peeing My Pants for some good measure :D

    Sorry for the hijacked thread ... awesome car ... I'd love to see more pics ;)

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