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'98 Diablo SV -- VIN# WLA12962....how can I find it??

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Meeyatch1, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. Hello. I am trying to track down a certain '98 Diablo SV. Last time I saw it it was Titanium Silver with Black leather, had the black 'SV' decals on it, black 5-spoke OZ Racing wheels, and the black carbon fiber wing. The car was in an accident in Indiana a few years ago then disappeared. I figured this would be a great place to try and find out what happened to the car after that. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you. :)
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  3. Any help on this, gang? I have information that the car was shipped to Ohio after the accident, and then went to the body shop that Nelson Auto Group uses for all of its high end body work. From there it may have been sold before the body work was completed, but I cannot be sure of that. All I know is that the owner bought a silver Diablo 6.0 to replace the wrecked SV and the SV was never seen again.
  4. what is so special about this particular vehicle?
  5. Personal connection with it.
  6. I'm assuming that you already checked out this angle, but just in case: Carfax.
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  8. If anyone finds this pick could they post it here on this thread sounds like an intreasting search.
  9. I do not have the full VIN anymore....just the last part that I posted. :(

  10. Thank you....but the information on the Lamborghini Registry under SV Registry is old information. The Indiana owner no longer owns the car.
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  12. Your not the one that hit it were you? :D
  13. No. :D
  14. Can anyone help?? I know there are people on here that can find pretty much anything.
  15. Anyone?? Any help?? :(
  16. if you havent already, try the lambo power forum, they might a bit more informative in regards to your question.
  17. Ask Vin King on LP.
  18. i think the car is in cleveland,oh. i have seen the same car around here.
  19. Did you hit it too? ;)
  20. Just curious about your "connection" with the car? Seems you've been trying to find info since 2004.

    Assuming it's worth a bit of effort or money to you, doesn't seem like it should be that hard.

    If you know details of the accident, date location. Seems to me you could search the accident records. If a police report was filed, the VIN will be in there. May take a bit of effort, but easily doable...

    If you have the accident info, can prob get a PI to get the vin for you for a couple hundred $$$. Likely even find the location of the car now.
  21. no i smoked it in my dads f 430
  22. Thanks! I appreciate the help. :)
  23. I am curious if it ever got back on the road. It was a beautiful car and I hope that it is out cruising the highways again. :)

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