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97.5 roaster

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by robert biscan, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. Anybody know the history of the 97.5 roaster at motorcars that is red tan ? It sure looks good in the photos but it easy to look good in the photos.
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  3. I meant roadster.
  4. they had a 98 red/tan advertised for 179k with 13k....is it the same one?
    my suggst is to call and talk to matt.....they are straight and forth coming.
  5. Hey, you are in the wrong section.... Step away from the lambo... Go buy the TR. :)
  6. I knew a "Viper" guy from Texas named Paul that had one just like this one. wonder if it is his. The car was mint and well cared for if it was. I almost bought it about a year ago.
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  8. I want an exciting car and the roadsters are just over the top. I don't want to just act like a fool and buy a problem. I have a history with F cars and I know it is the safe thing to do . This would be a move made more on emotion. These cars have a stance and good performance that I'm sure would be exciting.

  9. Isn't emotion the only reason to own a Ferrari or Lamborghini?
  10. Robert: I have so far owned 6 Ferraris with nary a problem and bought my first Lambo about two weeks ago from MC I. I shared the same concerns you have- reliability, source of parts, competent service. Everything seemed to check out on the car I bought, and cosmetically, it was nearly flawless. I agree about the aggressive aspect of the cars, and their undeniable madness. They appeal in a way that little in the current Ferrari line-up does, short of an Enzo at an astronomical price. MC I is, based on everything i have learned in my due diligence, a reliable source for very high quality "used" Lambos. I also found a highly competent mechanic in my general neck of the woods (Wil DeGroot) and bought an aftermarket warranty from Ben Evan's company. (Ben posts on this board).
  11. robert,

    prior to moving forward with my 97.5 roadster, i echoed many of the same sentiments you had about its mechancial integrity and share many similar concerns about the alleged lack of reliability....this is esp. important for me since i m truly the world most mechancially inept and auto repair challenged person alive (down to even the most basic tasks as changing tires).

    today, my 97.5 diablo roadster is by far the most reliable car i've owned and most satisfying experience i've indulged.....i needed a "gas and go" car and this is what i got.

    if you have any question at all, please ask. there are wealth of information from many owners from this board who are 10 times more knowledgeable than me and everyone of them is eager and generous in their offerings so feel free to make use of all available resources. good luck to you.

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  13. Whart, did you get a 6.0 ? I have been wondering about whether that would be stiffer and maybe no rattles from the roof of the roadster. There are 3 on e bay right now . A yellow, Titanium, and a special red one. The prices on 6.0's has gone up in the last 2 months and I don't want to overpay in a price buble. I guess 165k was fair before but now it's 185 ?
    The look of the roadster is super and I am debating giving it up for the 6.0.
  14. Yep, take a look at several threads posted here, and in the NY section for a blow by blow. I'm not that knowledgeable about the roadsters, or their stiffness. The Millenium roadster looks like it might be the one to have, and there was an Affoler iteration (a dealer in Western Europe who preps Lambo's) which may be a one-off that looks even more outrageous. Love to hear other's input on the merit of the diablo roadsters- i also don't know how much they benefitted from running improvements to the Diablo,generally, prior to the advent of the 6.0, or whether any of the 6.0's improvements wound up on any of the very last of the roadsters.

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