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94 Super Diablo Roadster????

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by FastTalk, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. Anyone have any info on this car?, it is a 94, therefore I assume it is a conversion, Vin# A12261.
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  3. Hmm. A 6.0 bumper.
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  5. From what i know, it is an all custom job, from body work, to twin turbo conversion which was confiscated from a dealer in Ca. At the time, it was for sale for 395,000.
  6. Allan, what do you mean it was confiscated?
  7. Allan, I knew if anyone, it would be you that knew about it. What do you think it is worth?.

    FYI it was confiscated by the CA Board of Equalization.

  8. Air Pollution prob?
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  10. It was involved in large dealer shutdown where a massive amount of cars was confiscated. I dont know who did the twin turbo conv. Id maybe pay in the low 100,000 for it. Not very appealing to me. Even the top chop is custom, and who knows how well that was done.
  11. The back is awful! I like the yellow but get rid of the graphics. Allen, do you know by chance how many twin turbo diablos are out there? I've only seen a handful and they all are high dollar cars.
  12. I doubt modifying a Diablo would increase its resale value- It'd cost more to get that car to its original shape then to buy a new one..
  13. Jackie Chan the martial arts movie star had a Diablo that was modified by Platinum Motors. This could be the car. Platinum did about 5 or 6 Twin Turbo cars if i can recall.
  14. The car is ok other then the back its horrible the lowerd bumber thats taking away what I always loved from lawmo the exaust coming in from the bottom and the slanted back.
  15. Sheesh... The least they could have done is an original paint job. Very Plymouth Barracuda-ish stripes on the sides.
  16. Was that the diablo VTTT?
  17. The FACTORY did five twin turbo cars, according to conversation with an owner of one, at the Running of the Bulls '03.

    Is that correct AllanLambo?


  18. No the factory did not do these cars, they were comissioned by Vik at Platinum Motors.
  19. No factory turbo cars. Platinum and a few other tuners did a few and continue to do various turbo and supercharged cars.
  20. The car was confiscated from Auto Market in Costa Mesa where they had some very nice cars. I've seen the car in person and it's put together like a kit car although it was real. It's only worth the low 100's since it's crapped together, you can't even see out of the windshield since it's not original.
  21. Modman! Nice to hear from you! Howve you been?
  22. Allan, I've been so busy and my car just sits in the garage with the charger on it. It's been raining and I've been working on cleaning up my rental property after it's been trashed up and among other things going on. I'm waiting for spring to kick in and man I just don't have the mood to spend as much time online anymore since now I've been watching a lot of movies in my home theatre set up. My whole house is just a sound machine including a recording studio so I've been spending a lot of time working with audio & video stuff. I just check in every now and then and hopefully see something interesting to read up on. Gotta go but I'll check back soon.

  23. Twin turbo ???

    N/A is a better drive.
  24. No way! TT is the way to go.
  25. Holy Cow, a twin turbo'd Diablo. Wonder what the dyno was?

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