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'93 512TR vs '94 Diablo VT

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Pong, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. Well, I am not asking this question to start the war... but I really need to have more input on this... I do not ask in F-car section because I think asking in the L-car will give me more infor on the Diablo...

    I live in Thailand. I currently own '93 512TR nero metallic with nero interior. I am very happy with it. But recently there is a nice yellow / black '94 Diablo VT in the market. The condition of the car is OK. Engine sounds fine with no smoke. I didn't test drive the car, understandably so.

    My question is that :
    How does the VT perform on the road? Can it take the heat of sitting in traffic for...say 45 minutes of slow moving traffic in the heat of Bangkok?

    How's the workmanship on the '94 VT? I think it's not up to the par with the 512TR. Will it hold up well. The interior seems to be made with less care.

    What kind of service interval I am looking at? Never own Lambo before, so I have no idea.

    Any input is welcome. I love the 512TR, but the Diablo is something else entirely... I just have no idea what I am dealing here, please give my some suggestion....
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  3. Diablo is awesome hands down! The cooling system is second to none in the Diablo.
  4. I can't speak for the 94 Diablo nor the all wheel drive cars,however my 98 Diablo SV is worlds a part from my 94 512TR in all aspects, including build quality and the 512s are rock solid awesome cars.
    The performance level is also night and day superior to the 512TR now thats compared to my 98 SV.
    Until you drive both and look them over carefully you can read all the crap in the world and still be confused.
    You really have to drive her and let us know what you think, that's my 02!
  5. Pong,

    Having been a 512TR owner myself and currently drive a Diablo, I can probably provide some contrasting insights. Feel free to call me.
  6. Pong,

    I sent my reply before reading Glen. He is right on (you are still more than welcome to call). Mine is a 97.5 Diablo VT Roadster so I can't speak for the 94VT but my Diablo is rock solid and extremely reliable.

    I bought it in Sept this year. I drive it every couple of days (when I am not traveling) and put on approx. 1000 miles so far w/o any problem.

    For me, it's the Lambo....hand down. BTW, I am contemplating trading her up for a Murci, if you are interested.
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  8. diablo and don't look back

    TR is like a big commuter car
  9. I happen to own a 94VT and it is awesome. It just so happens my prior car was a 90TR. I had to choose between it and a 512TR, after you drive both there is no comparison. The Diablo is better in every way IMO.
  10. Thank you for all the input... I am just thinking about it. Trading in the 512TR for the Diablo is a very tough decision. I wish I can own them both..ha ha.

    P'TomF1...your VT Roadster will be way out of my reach...ha ha :( Still...a very entertaining thought krub. Murci is nice, but Diablo VT Roadster will be much more rare in Thailand.

    I have talked with the owner of the yellow VT. But I still can't make decision...ha ha...for now, sticking with the TR seems to make more sense to me in term of servicing, parts, day-to-day use, etc... But, hey..buying these cars never have to make any sense...:)
  11. I think they are both great cars because they will out perform just about every new production car now and many years to come.
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