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89 Countach Value?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by $$$=SPEED, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. Looking for your Lambo onwers thoughts on the value or price for an 89 anniversary addition and or info on the seller. I am familar with values of F-cars as recently purchased one however but not too familar with this particular cart.
    It is an all white exterior, tail and black interior appears to be maintained but awaiting more pics and details on all the service performed and history of the car. My problem is the 45,000 miles????? The dealer also I have never heard of: Autohaus West? They are asking $50k. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Get this, my live in girlfriend wants one??? Gotta love that girl!


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  3. I know dick about Countaches, and especially their prices.

    That said, 45,000 miles is a BONUS not a problem. The problem you have with *any* car that is 16 years old is rotting and corrosion.

    I'd guess that the Countach has little of either due to it being driven.

  4. Thanks Ben. So you feel that if it has complete service records, recent major, all up to date and a PPI performed by a reputable mechanic that is a fair price? I am concerned about re-sale as well? I am sure she & I will not keep it forever and I have never seen one for sale with any higher miles than this one already has? I also her that the older 5000s is the one you really want?

  5. Ben,
    Checked out your home page. Another fellow H1 owner. Nice to see. I love mine had it for 3 years, bought it right and don't think I will ever sell.
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  7. PM Ralfabco. He is a treasure trove of knowledge on these things and a hell of a nice guy to boot. IMHO- that is a HELL of a lot of car for $50k (which might get you a near-loaded Boxster these days.)

    Good luck.

  8. will do thanks Nick
  9. A mate knows a lot about Countachs. Doesn't post on here though. Got any more details about the car? I'll get him to check it out for you.

    Weblink or Phonenumber of dealer ideally.


  10. RICO,
    Thanks! I am waiting for the dealer to get back with me on pretty much all the details, service, ownership history, ect. I will let you know as soon as I receive

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  12. H1's are fun. I'm sick of them, but my wife drives the blue 2001 opentop all the time. (After 9 different H1's I'm worn out and tired of em).

    $50k for a Countach sounds like a great price, but the mileage will ***always*** be your biggest problem in reselling it.

    If I had to pick, $50k for that one, or say $80k for one with 10,000 miles, I'd buy the $50k one hands down. Pending PPI you're good to go. Service records wont really mean squat at the age of 16. :) If it's gonna break because of lack of maintenance, after 42k in miles it would have already.

    Still, on pricing a countach, I know crap about it. I heard of another Lamborghini website with a lot of countach owners, but it's somewhat of a banned word here. If you wanted to find the place you might hit lambo dash power dot com and you'll find a wealth of owners with actual Lambo knowledge there. This forum seems more enthusiasts than owners, which is good too, but just different.

  13. 9 H1's..?? I would be sick of them too! I just like taking the top off in the summer, towing the boats to the water as well as the few hunting trips a year. I get to forde a few river, creeks, and mud bogs. Alway fun using them what they were meant to do. Great for my needs. Thanks again for your help!

  14. Thanks Nick.

    Remember I promised $1.00 every time you said that. You're PM where you asked for $10.00 was robbery/blackmail or both.

    P.S. I gave Mike 2 cents of advice.
  15. There is always a market for an entry level car. This holds true for other models and makes. How many people would gobble up a wrecked and repaired 6.0 ? L o D had a hi mile repo'd 6.0 they asked 125K for. They said it needed a new clutch etc..... Guess what ? It did not last long.

    I am not advising to purchase a can of worms. Like you said a hi mile car can be o.k. You CAN find a hi mile car that has been taken care of. Of course it is very very had to locate. Clutch, clutch, and clutch etc....... He will get every dime back; if he decides to sell three/four years down the road (where he found a well maintained example that needs little major maintainance).

    You can always turn a 50K C/T pretty fast. Especially one that runs good. You would have more trouble turning an 89K creme puff. Imagine how many people in Miami or LA would grab a 50K Countach ?

  16. LOL!

    I have my eye on a very well cared for $150K Diablo, so robbery/blackmail is a necessity at this point. ;)


  17. Bring your driving gloves and a fountain pen. The pen is for after the drive.


  18. Ben that was a cool site! its in my faves now.

    when the GTB sells i may get an L car, carb Boxers are getting scarce it seems, so i may be out of luck getting one of those. $50k for a driveable c/t sounds like a ggod deal. maybe too good. better dig deep on that one to be sure. then post lots of pics for the rest of us.
  19. Thats a steal of a deal if you ask me. I too like the fact that it was driven. I learned that if you get a car with too low of milage then things tend to go wrong. If it has some milage on it, if things went wrong they are fixed by now. As long as the car is current with servicing, you are better off with the milage IMO. If there is an upcoming serive, make sure you factor that into your purchase price. Its a hell of a car for that low of a stratup. Good luck.
  20. Turns out this dealer was pretty much "false advertising" to increase interest. They now say they want $66,900 for it and for three days I have waited for details on service, clutch, extra pics, overall condition ect! I refuse to do business with these jokers! I do appreciate everyones imput though and am really looking forward to the search.

  21. sorry to read this.... what dealer was it. we should muss 'em up! i couldnt find anything on that Autohaus place.
  22. Mike asked me to post the information about the 89 QV forsale.

    About the QV cars ? They probably all run the same ( the injected cars) for the most part. I doubt one particular year, is the best year to get. I am sure alot has to do with who set the car up in tune. The F.I. engines are probably all around the same output from 1986-1989. Style ? That is up to the personal individuals taste.

    Reliability. I would "guess" they are all probably the same. The downdraft Carb cars are actually more simple vs the F.I. cars. - They are quite a bit more $$$.

    Make sure the 89 car is checked out with a PPI.

    P.S. I just noticed post # 18. So typical.
  23. 50K for a running 89 C/T QV is waaay to low.

    giveaway deals never work.
  24. Woah that sucks. I searched around the net for the details you said to no avail.

    Good luck with the search and hope you don't encounter more idiotic dealerships :)

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