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79 Lamborghini Countach LP400s.

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by SMS, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. Here is chassis #1121086, one of 40 built in 79. It had just 1018 miles on it when I sold it in 2000. A time warp car, completely original, even tires and wiper blade (stored in boot)! The air cleaner boxes are off for the photo as I had just rebuilt the Webbers and fixed some leaking fuel lines. Despite the low mileage, I did drive it some and it caused quite a stir in our little town of 600 farmers! The current owner drove it in Oct. '03 for the first time since he bought it and thus it remains safely preserved in a nice collection today. (I do have right of first refusal if he ever sells it, this is one I should never have let go.)

    Anyway, I thought some of you might like this little Italian.
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  3. Oh man, thats awesome! If i buy another Countach, it will be a 400S.
  4. Very nice, I have '78 1121006, #2 of 10. I WISH mine had that little milage! Bravo wheels are the best! Peter
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  7. I absolutely LOVE those early low body cars. Rare and beautiful.
    Enjoy it. There is an enthusiast in Colorado who has a black 78
    with a web page. Nice car. The magnesium Bravo wheels are the best.
  8. Very nice gentlemen, but I have to ask, where's the [Hyundai] wing?!
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  10. NICE! WOW!, i really like the looks of the older countachs, in the age of wings on everything i think i prefer the "wingless" look on the car.i hope this is not a rude question, but what in what price ranges are the older , earlier countachs? dont the earlier cars have a issue with the engine and trans sharing the same oil???? ( last question) is there am easy way to fix or modernize this?. thanks, great post by the way. michael
  11. SMS & Peter - Both Very nice!
  12. Thats a Muira, not Countach.
  13. I removed the wing within 24hrs after it was in my garage. I wish I could leave it but in my area, as well as most, wings have been ruined by the civics and integras etc. Oh by the way, my everyday exotic is a '93 civic coupe lol. Great for winter. As far as prices, in the 50's-100+. All depends on condition.
  14. Peter where did you find your LP400? I see the occasional car show up on E bay but I really don't want to go that route.
  15. ummm yes Allan it is, i said "countach without the wing" , the Muira is stunning also, and i am glad they never put a large wing on it as well. the wing on the early ( countachs ) seems to cloud the clean lines , where as its looks ok on say the later body style ( countachs). cool pic of early cars at the start of the thread!.
  16. Nothing wrong with buying a car off Ebay. But don't think for a minute you can just bid, win and recieve the car. You have to ask question and tons of them. Request dozens of pictures, detailed ones, request certain angles. And go see it, you can, before OR AFTER the auction. You tell them if you win, you want to inspect the car. You'll pay their fee if it nits what you want. You have to communicate with them on this. Usually their is no time to see it during the auction, especially if you have to fly. If they have nothing to hide, they'll work with you about this. Ebay feedback is golden.
  17. Peter K,

    I saw your car on the Lamborghini Registry. It said your car was originally delivered to the Saudi Arabian royal family. Where you involved in the importation or was it in the USA when you bought it?
  18. No, the car was brought over in the early/mid 80's. Also the info about the Suadi family I got was from the registry and I now believe it was the only car they had. I believe they had it for about 2 years. Because all ten cars are accounted for, nobody else mention the Saudis. Peter

  19. UMMM no, the countach engine and tranny do not share the same oil. Thats the early Muira.
  20. Maybe a stupid question but don't tires age? As far as I know, tires dry up over time. And having original tires from 1979...wouldn't that be pushing one's luck? Especially if one starts driving a Countach (or any other performance car) the way they are meant to be driven?

    Any opinions on this?
  21. need4speed;

    Yes, tires do age, which is the main reason I stayed on the low(ha) speed twisties instead of the interstate when out for a blast. One other note however, the car was stored very well and all the rubber components on this particular example were soft and serviceable.


  23. I think you are right allen, if i remember correctly the sv was the first to keep the oil seperate. I am not too sure about the original countach engine that powered the LP500 (Bob Wallace development car).In england the LP400 model and the 88.5 model with the skirts command top price even over the anniversary models-Is this true in the states?
  24. Yes. And i think the Anniversary is the worst looking Countach. My Favorite is the late 70's Lp400s and the 88 1/2 with the sideskirts.

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