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70 miles on a "new" Gallardo?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by henrus, Jul 30, 2004.

  1. Spoke with a dealer yesterday about why a new Gallardo would have 70 miles on it. He said that, according to the factory, every new car gets miles tested on it before getting released (i've read in other posts as much as 1,000 miles?!). If a car gets more than 130 miles on it, it gets a new odometer. If not, it stays as is. That's why you'll see some cars with 0 miles and others more. So I guess that means a car with 10 miles is really 140 miles?
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  3. Henrus, the cars that we receive from Lamborghini usually have anywhere from 40-90 miles on them, with most having about 65. I have seen one with 150 that was on a semi on its ways to another dealer, and we got one Gallardo with 33 miles.
  4. Lamborghini road tests every car extensively. This is common.

  5. LoD has one with 2 miles:cool:
  6. Ferraris get driven 60-70 miles on a test route. If a problem is found, it gets fixed and it gets checked again on a test route, etc. If your Ferrari has over 200 delivery miles, you've probably got a lemon on your hands!

    Maybe it's the same procedure with Lambo.
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  8. Oh oh, check the tire tread!
  9. They would just set the odometer back to 0 or 10 or something before letting it go out with 200 miles!
  10. i suppose depending on how aggressively they tested (or other potential customers road test) the cars, you might want to get the clutch checked. from what i understand, you don't ever want to just drop the clutch on a 4-wheel drive car, as that will just end up killing the clutch.
  11. I want to work for Lamborghini ! ! ! ! ! !
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