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6.0 Questions

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by whart, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. Starting at the top:

    1. Color : Rosso Vik; how rare or desirable. It looks like a darker red than the comparable Ferrari Marlboro red. I think i like it, but without seeing it in the flesh, i'd like some views...

    2. Premium for low mileage car: i am wary of queens and this one certainly is, but if i put it on the dealer to make sure everything is fettled for the price, what should i be concerned about: front shock replacement, what else should be vetted/warranted, or put another way, what is likely to need replacement and should be done now, rather than waiting for it to break or malfunction?

    3. Service in the greater NY area- one of my biggest reasons for resisting the lure of the Bull is competent service. I'm not sure i would want to rely on either local dealer, Manhattan Motorcars or Bergen County. Any suggestions?

    4. The car is out of state, was sold and serviced by Motorcars Int'l. Who else out there could do the PPI?

    5. Anything i missed? TIA.
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  3. Dear Bill:

    There was a Rosso Vik 6.0 from M Int, that sat for a long time. The car had at least two issues. #1. The car had a minor parking lot incident where a delivery truck had backed into the front bumper. #2. There was also a problem with the starter (or close to it) where there may have been a somewhat serious issue. I do not remember all the details. The problem was fixed. I am sure M.I., MO will disclose the problems they had with the Rosso Vik 6.0.

    A very important point about the 6.0 - There is a computer inside the interior of the 6.0, that can be downloaded. It will print at least 5 pages of detailed information about the specific car. It is no big deal for "any" authorized L - dealer to download this information. - Do not let them B.S. there way out of printing you this report. It does not take long. The service manager should take the time, to explain the report to you.

    Examples of some of the information in the report. - It is (not) limited to just this information.

    # of starts
    # of false starts
    Engine temp variations
    RPM variations
    **total time on engine - very important (Does the odometer and the computer tell the same story) ?


    I had two cars downloaded at the same dealership. - One car had 6,600 miles on the clock. The computer report indicated that the car, had almost 12 days of time on the engine. - The other 6.0, had 13,000 miles on the clock (a one owner car) and showed around 13 days of time on the engine. (There is obviously a problem here)

    (at least all 1999 and up 12cyl L-cars have the computer)

    M.I., MO has a good reputation !!! Good Luck - Your Lamborghini is calling you !!!

    There should be plenty of quality shops that can service your car. I can check around with some enthusiasts; if you are interested.
  4. Nice Bill... did Eduardo's car get your juices started a couple weeks ago? I feel partly responsible. He might be a good person to address your questions.

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