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6.0 Diablo (HARD TO FIND!)

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Uberpower, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. Hey all-

    I have been peeking around casually attempting to find a Black or Gold 6.0 and have been utterly unsuccessful. Is Lambo Dallas the best place to go and look? I've talked to a friend of mine in the Houston area who swears by them...

    also, are those things still running $160-165Kish? Is there certain colors that are premium? I know that the gold is, for obvious reasons... what does that car go for?

    After experiencing the Diablo, I'm afraid an 8cyl Ferrari just won't do!

    Thanks for the help.

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  3. Diablo 6.0 prices are kinda nutty. Two months ago $165k might be right. Motorcars 6.0 (owners of Lambo Dallas) sold for $199k retail. My Yellow 6.0 is closing this week at $180k with 9200 miles on it. Lambo Atlanta sold one for $185k as well.

    Color is of course a heavy factor. Silver is the worse, pick em up retail $160k wholesale $150k. Purple on eBay is still for sale at the selling dealer. There's a Yellow 6.0 with black interior on eBay as well for $175k buy it now, my guess would be $165k-$170k takes the car. Miles are good, problem is the car is at a chevy dealer. What the hell does a Chevy dealer have a Lambo for? :) That price reflects that weird reasoning and questionable past.

    Gold = SE = slightly higher price tag.

    Best advice I can offer, is that when you find a car you like, post some pics, the vin #, location, selling dealer, and the price. You'll get a fast response for honest answers.

    On your question of Lambo Dallas, they and Motorcars International are owned by the same folks, and they are both exceptional companies. Realistically though, most Lamborghini factory authorized dealers simply are the best, there's only a few I would privately not recommend to someone buying a car. I have personally bought from Motorcars through Lambo Dallas, and the car arrived with zero problems, many many miles later, zero problems. They are a great dealership.


  4. Hey what good timing, the purple one is back on eBay with a Buy It Now of $165k. That audio system is probably $10k right there too. If I had the desire for a 6.0, that'd be my car right now.

  5. I know someone who might have a silver obe in the 160 range.
    All Diablos are hard to find at this point.
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  7. I have contemplated selling my Titanium 6.0. It has a host of goodies on it and it includes an extended warranty. If someone is truly serious about purchasing one, you can send me a private message with your e-mail and I will respond to you. A fair price for an outstanding car!
  8. The silver looks nice, but...for me, doesnt really say LAMBORGHINI. On the 6.0 the best colors are Orange and yellow, first choice being orange.
  9. I have checked Motorcars Intl. on the website many times, they never update it. I was actually at Motocars Intl last week and was ready to buy a merci, the titanium one on their website, to my dismay, it had been sold many weeks earlier, the guy, todd i believe said they don't keep it updated very much. So make sure you call and make sure its still there, but it definately was not there when I was there.

    UPDATE: After checking their site, it does appear to be updated, so the car if definately probably there, I am going to call in a few minutes to confirm.
  10. and for the record.........SILVER IS HOT on that car!
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  12. Thanks to everyone for all of the informative replies.

    It sounds like this IS in fact the source for a Diablo 6.0. I do hope to acquire one in the coming 2-3 months, I suspect that is enough lead time to put the word out for a black or gold one.

    Titanium sounds interesting too maybe...
  13. I would recommend that you get in touch with MC I and let them know what you are looking for; the car i just bought from them was a customer car that was in for service, not shown on their site (never was as far as i know, at least this time round) and they knew that the current owner wanted out. If you tell them what you are after, I am sure they can find it for you; they do seem to have the premiere rep in the used lambo market here in the States. Randy McCall was the guy i worked with; he was delightful, and very responsive.
  14. RideOnTime-
    I sent you an e-mail with descriptions of my car. Did you receive it?

    By the way, if anyone thinks Titanium on a 6.0 isn't a good color combo, I wonder if they wear red ties with yellow shirts, and green jackets...just kidding.

    With all the carbon fiber trim on the outside and inside of the car, I just can't think of a better color to match with the trim than Titanium. It really matches and blends the carbon fiber to the car.

    I understand the perspective of people who purchase yellow, lime green, blue, and other colors, but I always thought of a Lamborghini being the ultimate classy exotics, and, to me, nothing states that better than titanium. For me I think the radical/wild colors would be great at first, but would slowly start to wear on me....
  15. man, i love them all the equally but differently whether they are yellow, lime, pink, purple, red, titanium, black....

    if this rideontime person doesn't reply, email me....i just might get the itch. send some pixs of you got'em tpham@thewhitetigergroup.com.
  16. Titanium is the best color IMO but there were a lot that were made for the 6.0. Its a very common color for that year

  17. Ha. "this rideontime person"?

    You are too funny Tom-F1WhiteTigerGroup person. ;)

    Whart- thanks for the info! 360lvr- please check your PM.
  18. nicholas,

    i shud have paid more attention to that little box on the right hand side where members put their names....lol sorry N.... :)
  19. Nicholas - Diablo is a great car and holding strong values... I just bought an early model but went through the same hoops.

    What you're looking for, the 6.0, is the best of the best - expect to pay. I know of 3 people on another site that traded in their Merc for a Diablo.

    I also delt with Motorcars, including Todd. Stand up organization.

    A good friend of mine (who had owned several Diablos) just bought a red/tan roadster last week. Over $200K
  20. nicholas,

    as frank eluded to....todd at motorcars is a standup and forcoming guy. i've dealt with him. at last look, they had a beautiful 98 red/tan roadster with 13k on the clock for $179k....it will take hi $160/lo $170 to own it...(of course, if you like black/tan roadster with much less mile and a no excuse diablo for that money, you can take mine...lol).

    wayne's titanium 6.0 is pretty outstanding as well with lots of upgrades...you can't go wrong there either....ben's yellow 6.0 was stunning too and that went for $180...the "no excuse...no story" diablos hold their value and they are steadily narrowing the spreads in value with the 02 murcie models......

    they are wonderful cars to own...this community is extremely helpful and lots of information and experience here to draw. it took ben/ aj / shahram and a few others about 2 hours to do their background check, 12 hours later, i bought the beast and 48 hours later, she was delivered. good luck.
  21. Found a black/black 6.0 at alburtoni.com in N.Cal with 1K miles and quad exhaust.


    (drumroll please......)


    YOWZA! There is no WAY right? I just saw a Rosso Vik w/ 4k miles pull a high bid of $156ish on ebay. Lordy. Am I all wet here? Didn't that purple just go for $165 (former missy elliott car)?

  22. I know of a 6.0 in Calgary at ZR auto. Gold, like new and low miles.
    Check that one too
  23. they have an orange one at fox valley motor cars in chicago. its not black or gold but looks damn cool. 176k

  24. Burtoni asks a LOT more than market price, always.
  25. FWIW I bought the previously mentioned purple car.
    Diablo is worth every penny. You will not regret it.

  26. I was the guy bid 156 on the red vik car with a max of 160 but it didn't get bid up. What is a fair price ?
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    How could we forget!?!
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