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6.0 Arrived Today

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by JeffB, Mar 22, 2005.

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    WOW! What a car! This thing is sick! It's everything I hoped for x 10. I only put about 30 miles on it and didn't get on it too much, so I can't give any comparisons to my other cars just yet, but I look forward to it. Got it from Fox Valley Motorcars in Chicago and they were awesome. Mike, thanks a lot my man, the car is flawless!
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  3. Congrats on a very beauitful car!
  4. Excellent choice!
  5. dude: welcome to the 6.0 club! Now we have to get to work on that garage!
    IN all seriousness, enjoy it. I'm just getting the hang of mine. Also have the carbon factory wing. I mounted a rear camera, changed the A/V display from the Alpine to the Pioneer- much less kludgey, and am in the process of getting a convex mirror to install on the passenger side.
    Once you get rolling, i'd like to compare notes on tire pressures, too. (The pressures listed on the driver's door are wrong!)
    It took me a little while to figure out the electronic interlock, ie that little pushbutton on the key fob needs to be pushed after you have turned the key one detent, but before you start the car, otherwise, it may not start, or if it does, little things, like the heat, and windows, won't work.
    I've also been hesitant to use the lift system, given all i've been told about its foibles.
    Let's get some feedback after you get a chance to drive it for a few hours. Congrats!
  6. Hey Jeff!
    No...thank YOU! I knew you would enjoy it. Just make sure you trade it back to me so I can be the next owner! Have fun with it and use it the way Ferrucio intended! Talk to you soon!
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  8. Bill, that's my parent's garage, lol. I hijacked both spots until my new house is finished being built in the Summer. It has a very spacious 4 car garage that I'll probably hook up nicely.
    Thanks for the info regarding your own 6.0 & experiences. I haven't heard anything negative about the lift system and I used it once while coming up my driveway. Any idea if the front of a 6.0 is lower than the 360 or 355? My 355 would sometimes scrape my driveway, but my 360 never did. If the 6.0 is not lower than the 360, I won't need to use the lift system. I'll drop you a line after I get a chance to get used to it so we can compare feedback.

    Mike, no problem at all, you got it. :)
  9. Well, it ain't as low as my recently departed GT-2. Believe it or not, when i had my driveway redone last summer (its a steep hilly thing that was a mix of slag and item 4), i worked with the contractor to make sure the GT-2 would clear without scraping. It cleared by a hair. So far, i haven't had to use the lift system to clear it on the 6.0.
  10. thats gorgeous, congrats!
  11. Love the combo, Yellow Lambo and Silver 996TT.. :)
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  13. Welcome to the 6.0 club! :)

    Lots of 6.0 owners are on the board, and you couldnt have bought from a better dealer.

    Just remember dont use the suspension lift system -- I even disconnected it so it WONT work. :)

  14. The car looks great. I bet you were pretty excited waiting for it to arrive. I think the Carbon Fiber wing looks cool too. Hopefully, I will see you around town. Be careful when going in reverse :)
  15. Congratulations. Looks like a HOT-T car. Looking forward to hearing your driving impressions.
  16. car looks awesome, congratulations

  17. NO WAY..., jeff, trade it back 2 me...me...me.
    i want that car....baaaaaaadly. she is beautiful.
    congrats and enjoy.
  18. Btw, jeff.....per your question about the clearance

    don't know about the front of a 6.0 but the front of my 360 is lower than my diablo roadster......going in/out of my driveway, the 360 was definitely more in need of rhinoplasty.
  19. the height isn't a problem on my 6.0. Just take steep driveways or speed bumps at a slight angle, 15% approach to be specific. Works when offroading on the Hummer H1, seems to work well with the 6.0 too. :)

  20. jeff, firstly, a congratulations is in order for your beautiful new acquisition..enjoy it in great health!..

    i do have a question in regards to the 6.0's taillights. how come it seems like most 6.0s had the mismatched outer lights (i.e. - one on the far left might be red, whereas the one on the far right would be clear, or some combo thereof) whereas the ones on yours are matched? i guess i had always been used to them being mismatched..and always wondered the reason behind this. if anyone could shed some light (does it relate to model year or euro spec?..), i'd be appreciative.
  21. That car. She is amazing.

  22. WoW! What a beauitful car! Hope you both have many great miles together!
  23. Awesome!

    yellow looks great on the 6.0
  24. That's one hell of a car, and looks like it's in awesome shape too. Enjoy yourself!
    Wonderful, what a dream car!!!
    Yellow is just to die for - looks so breathtaking together with the Carbon parts.

    Enjoy your new toy & drive:)

  26. Congrats on the car and welcome to the Diablo club :) Enjoy it to the fullest!!
  27. What a hunk of @#$%ing crap!!!!!!

    I am just kidding! JeffB came by to show it to me yesterday, he pulled up with his brother, who was in his yellow Gallardo. It was quite the awesome looking convoy. The 6.0 is a car that makes one's jaw drop, possibly the most exotic looking car around. In the pearl yellow, it is stunning! JeffB made a very nice choice, even if it's not a Ferrari!
  28. If you don't mind me asking, how many miles on it? And what was FVM asking for the car?

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