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5% increase in MSRP coming for Gallardo!!!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by chrislamborghiniatlanta, Feb 13, 2004.

  1. Did not know if anyone on this board was aware of that? If you get a car at list right now, you are actually 8 to 10k back of the real money! Congrats on your new car Banana Boat! I had never seen that car in person, only in my color kit and it looks nothing like that in the color kit. I love the interior also, stitching looks perfect. I think that would look awesome with the brown interior, the coiuo brown with the same stitch. Doesn't that look like the Rosso ferrari color. I really like it anyway.

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  3. I think those that are interested in the car knew a price increase was coiming some said 3-8%. Thanks for the actual amount did you just get that info???

    Those who are "locked into Ferrari" could care less!

    Re: interior finish...quality of of interior finish is top drawer!
    They just added a few extra ponies to propel the Animal.
    I haven't seen the Ferrari counterpart in person so I don't know ,but
    they look close from photos.
  4. I had heard 5-10% from folks at the factory.

  5. You may want to take a look at the new Audi LeMans quattro. It's in this weeks Autoweek. More hp that the Gallardo, more luggage room, IMHO looks better,msrp much less, and as the Audi guy said "When the Big Man speaks it gets built." (Chairman of Audi). It now looks like this car will be coming soon to an Audi dealer near you.
  6. Looks a litlle different but definitely worth a look!
    The engine mods for my Gallardo interest me most since I just bought
    one. It's all about timing isn't it?
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  8. It always is but the important thing is you're driving a great car one that pleases YOU.
  9. Raising the price of the Gallardo and Murcielago will probably result in less demand and falling values over the next year or so. I feel that the Gallardo is way overpriced now for what it is. A Viper SRT-10 outperforms it in almost every way for $100K less. Yes I know it does not have the looks and AWD but it still outperforms it. A plus is you do not have to deal with snobby and difficult service deparments which are usually few and far between!
    When the value of the Gallardo starts sto drop as it surely will, all those guys who paid "over sticker" will be licking their wounds. Especially those that borrowed money to buy the car. When they go to trade and find out that the car is worth way less than what they owe on it the tears will come. Meanwhile the dealers cry all the way to the bank.
  10. Ferrariusa.com has the original and complete information and pictures of every Ferrari past and present. You do not need to post the same information again.


    Edit - posted in wrong thread, sorry.

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