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40th anniversary Lambo...

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by MurcieMurcie, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. What does everyone think about the color combo? howdoes it look in person? I have seen a few look more Green and others look more Blue.

    If you were in the market would you consider this over a production Murcie?
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  4. Color looks different every time I see it.
    Looked good in the sun light, seemed more jade green.
    Looks more blue indoors.

    Here's another new color, I hadn't seen before.
  5. Only 1 of 40th editions was shipped to the UK, & guess what, it was sold!
  6. It looks much better in person.
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  8. Its flat out ugly, IMO. Even dealers I have talked with say the same thing. Why, of all the color choices out there did Lambo choose that one? Several of these cars are still sitting in dealer inventory.
  9. You're got to see it in person: the color is flat out GORGEOUS / the carbon-fiber on the side is v. nice also. I wouldn't mind having one in my garage!
  10. Saw it in person and it is still ugly.
  11. I'm with you. Beautiful design and overall car, really like the carber fiber bits also, but as usual, Lambo feels the need, in their color selections, to cater to the "hey look at me, I'm in a Lamborghini, and my shirt is unbuttoned to my navel to accentuate my hairy chest and show-off my gold chains" crowd. (I feel no compunction with stating this, as I am about as WOP as they come) They have a real penchant for picking the ugliest colors known to man. The only reason, other than the one I already stated, for selling these colors must be so that in case of an emergency, the STRANDED Lambo owner can be spotted from reconnaissance satellites. ON-STAR, we don't need no stinkin' ON-STAR !! The head of Lambo NA stated, in an article on the Running of the Bulls yearly charity out in California: "Lamborghini buyers are a different breed, they tend to order the orange or purple cars. You don't see Ferrari owners in orange or purple cars" (Sports Car International magazine, Jan 2001) Yeah, no kidding, that's because Ferrari owners actually have some taste and self-respect !!

    Nevertheless, it can be summed up best in a quote from ...? (name this movie) ... " .... like an Australian's nightmare"
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  13. Come on... stop the CHEAP shots: back to the drawing board, Bart!
  14. You CONVENIENTLY left out the rest of the post. Why is OK for Allan Lambo to do the reverse with the "dancing donkey?"
  15. My apologies for not re-posting your "entire" post! Re-reading it, I agree that you didn't mean it maliciously. I just don't think that comments like those are v. funny!

    Now: Allan did a "dancing donkey"? Now THAT'S FUNNY! Please re-post!
  16. Only problem is that Allan is funny !

    Also Lamborghini drivers just shrug off the cheap shots.

    BesiDES I can get jewlery wholesale from my wifes side of the family.

    NNO problem finding good prices on gold chains.
  17. 1. Subject to debate
    2. Good point
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  19. Ferrari owners can only take cheap shots at Lambo owners on forums such as these. Out in the real world, after getting their doors blown off, they become very quiet. They are also used to sitting by themselves at car shows when Lambos are around, so not much to say.
  20. At concorso Arizona 3 of the Lambos that were there sat in a corner neglected, except for the Gallardo which was on the main drag.
  21. Im stuck in the middle ground on this color. Im going to wait to see one in person before final judgement, but Im sure it will look fine. But on the murci, the only color for me is the burgundy one that a users neighbor has, what a car!
  22. It's really too bad Lambo felt so insecure they had to BUY into their racing pedigree through Audi.
  23. That was harsh. LOL.
  24. Great comment. In otherwards Lambo bought Audi. Moron.
  25. Geez, you should be an English teacher, you always pick on the most insignificant syntax errors!! You KNOW what I meant, here: Too bad Lamborghini needed SOMEONE to buy them a racing pedigree. Is that better Allan, does that satisfy your strict sentence structure guidlines?
  26. I haven't driven the 40th anniversary car, but the local dealer is trying to sell one to me. I have been in the car, however.

    The color on the outside is growing on me. The interior I did not like so much. The white seating area doesn't look as good to me as the interiors with the two-tone dashes. Additionally, the radio in the car I saw is chrome and sticks out of the black dash-it could be swapped, but as it stands the radio looks like a mismatch.

    The dealer says it has a few more hp, but I have no documentation now to support that.

  27. As far as i know, there is no more power.
  28. The only difference for the 40th anniversary is the carbon fiber, perforated interior, and exhaust tips i think. Is this speacial edition something thats coming from lambo or is it like the MOMO and Alpine cars that were altered in this country?

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