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300 Mile Diablo 6.0

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by racerdj, Jun 2, 2004.

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  2. did anyone notice this guy has two diablos ?
  3. Wow, nice car.
  4. Why do new Lambos depreciate so quickly? It's stunning!
  5. Because any car that isn't a limited edition doesn't retain value in that price range regardless of the manufacturer.

    Example: The horrendous depreciation on the 550 and 575M. Those cars make a late model Diablo look like a gold mine.

    If something isn't percieved as a collectable, it's not going to retain value unless there are so few of them that they're difficult to get. The GTO/F40/F50/Enzo are good examples of this. Limited two to three year production cycles and then *poof* they vanish from the market. This creates a desire to own/collect them.

    Meanwhile the Diablo/Murcie and 550/575M were/are produced in far greater numbers, over a long span of several years.

    Bottom line: ALL cars in this price category are fast to depreciate, it isn't unique to Lambo and it's not something that even F-cars are immune to.
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  7. Great car!! It's hard to believe that a car with such few miles can depreciate that much.
  8. I see 6.0's with 13000+ miles selling for high $150's so maybe the idea of retaining more value by having your car be a garage queen is long gone. For the few bucks more(literally) that this guy is getting for his low mileage does'nt justify letting this beast sit in the garage....I remember when my buddy Jim put a ton of miles on his 98'SV and 99'VT and I thought he was losing it:):)

    His SV was the one that Mario Andretti drove at the Running of the Bulls in '98, I think he sold that car with over 20000 miles:) He just traded in his orange Murcie and I think that car had 4k miles....
  9. Acutally that was the first thing I noticed. I am glad that I was not the only one.
  10. Actually 300 miles seems fair to me. The guy lives around NY, and bought the car last november. With winter months, it's 100% normal not to drive it, so I guess he put 300 miles in a month or 2. Honest mileage, and not garage queen.
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  12. I wouldn't say that. They are probably around the same in terms of depreciation.
    The Diablo 6.0 was something like $275,000 new and can now be had for 150 or 160K. Let's say around 55-65% of original MSRP. I'm no math major.
    The 550 was around $225,000 new and can now be had for like $125K-$150K. Same percentage. Still worth a bit over half what it started as.
  13. No sale -- looks like this guy's in for a much bigger haircut!

    I would want to get more than 300 miles of enjoyment out of a car for $100K depreciation.

    Of course, maybe he just bought it as an investment...

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