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25k mile Gallardo!!!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by MurcieMurcie, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=6290&item=2489136408&rd=1[url]

    I am thinking it should be 2500...With so many G's out there would now or later be a good time to buy?
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  3. The longer you wait, the cheaper they'll be. Especially after the 2 year warranty expires...

    Not sure I'd want to own a used first-model-year Gallardo without a warranty, though!

  4. Thank you very much...I usually just copy and paste the link and on other sites it works....I know what I want but I am not finding it:mad: Would love a low mileage 6.0 or a Gallardo to drive now that I free time for a few months and don't want to have a high mileage Murcie. I dont have to buy anything right now although I do have a strong urge to pick up an egear G car.
  5. His previous car was a MB C280...interesting upgrade.
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  7. there's nop way he has 25K miles on it... the VIN is too new... its only a 30-day old car.
  9. 25k miles sounds unreal

    don't the gallardo's break all the time
    - broken sway bar mounts
    - 600 mile clutch's
    - 3 revisions of the ECU's already
    - e gear lock ups
    - cracking windshields
    - twisted driveshafts

    just to name a few

    seems unlikely the car can even make it that far
  10. No. Any first year car will have some glitches. Unless its a mass produced Ford, and they still have recalls. I still remember all of the problems with my 355 when they first came out, know what I mean?
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  12. Cracking windshields??? Haven't heard of this problem before. Care to elaborate???
  13. lol. Some guy had a boulder fall on his windshield and it cracked slightly. So all G cars have a cracking window problem.lol
  14. seller sounds like an absolute moron
  15. denial is always someone's first reaction

    here's where i heard about it

    in the "updates mods repairs restoration" section of the other lamborghini - talk forum
    titled "gallardo problems"
    (last post)

    just the tip of the iceberg with these gallardo's

    time will tell
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    ......seems funny to me how there are all these problems with Gallardos yet of the 30 or so cars we have delivered we have only had one that had a real problem that turned out to be a faulty part that was supplied to Lamborghini from a third party supplier. We replaced the part and all is well. As an FYI it was the cam position sensor.

    I have personally put over a thousand miles on an egear car and a few of those were on the track. The car is solid as a rock and yes there may be a few growing pains but no where near what one would expect from a brand new design. I remember when the F355's came out and the 550's...now they had some teething pains as well.

    I have been very impressed so far with the car. One day when I can afford one long term it will be one like this.


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  17. thanks for the input Steve

    I really want the gallardo to be a success as I personally feel the car is stunning. and that silver looks so nice.

    i hope things turn out well

    i've just been hearing alot of scary posts from people
    and not alot of positives
    like "hey, i took my gallardo to the track and waxed some 360's"
    "10k miles and no real problems"
    " dealer took care of me without a hitch"

    i feel lambo should have given a better warranty period maybe ?
  18. Oh....and in regards to the car pictured on ebay...that isn't a US car...or at least it dosen't have the USA rear plate bracket on it.....seems fishy to me

  19. Joe,

    I agree that there isn't a lot of talk on these cars at all, and as with ANY car the people that are having problems seem to talk the loudest.

    Here are a couple of replies to your concerns

    1) The warranty is short due to the fact it seems to be the standard for exotic cars these days, and that is the warranty the Murcie has. It would have been bad news for the Murcie had the smaller cheaper car have a 4 year 50k warranty. the cars are reliable. I m not sure what dealer support you have but we take car of each and every car 100%

    2) I have the car on track and it runs like a champ. I am not Michael Schumacher, but I can hold my own with most SCCA club racers. The Gallardo is amazing and deserves to be raced by someone professionally somewhere. At a recent FCA event I was out running everything on track except for 2 F355 Challenge cars. I was on oem street tires and they had slicks. This was in May at VIR North. I also ran the car at VIR full in December and I was eating Porsche Cup cars for lunch...again on street tires.

    It is a remarkable automobile.....drive mine...you will be a believer!

  20. The 911TT has a 4 year warranty. The 360 has a 3 year warranty.

    I think Lambo needs to stand behind their cars. Especially if they're hoping to thrive in a "high-volume" segment with the Gallardo. A 4 year warranty on both the Murcie and the Gallardo would be a major statement of confidence on their part. The fact that they don't choose to do this, even with the substantial backing of Audi, speaks volumes. The minimal 2 year warranty makes me very nervous as a potential buyer.
  21. The pictures look like they were taken in Europe
  22. e-gear equipped? pfff....

  23. I thought the 360 had a two year warranty. If it has a three than I would think Lambo should match that.
  24. I personally know over 15 G car owners, and not a problem. Like I said, its a first year car, there will be problems. Some people key into the few negatives, others look at the larger picture. You must be a real smart guy to be able to predict " just the tip of the iceberg with these gallardo's", or in your first post "seems unlikely the car can even make it that far".
    Do you personally know anyone who has had a problem with their G car? Surely with your extremely negative comments, you must have some real world experience, and not just the handful of overall problems that you read on the internet.

  25. 7500 miles here in 4 months..Ferrari guys..sorry no complaints! E-gear tweaked to perfection.
  26. Same here - 11,500km in 6 months and very happy. If you can afford it, get one.
  27. My Ferrari is a Stick ....so most likely I would get a Gallardo with E-Gear....I have driven both and the stick is great, but there is something about how nice of a job the E-Gear does



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