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$2500 Murcielago on eBay...

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Smiles, Jul 2, 2004.

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  2. Yep, I saw it last week here. What a waste might I add!!

    Interior: black
    Exterior: black

    At least someone has a sense of humor about it. Is that the PO's new one I wonder, in the one photo?

    That's a FAST insurance settlement, if so. Must have been a bad cat on it.
    There's been some fires.........
  4. Vehicle Description,
    You are bidding on a slightly used lamborghini it only has 121 miles garage kept. Had a small brake problem…

    LMAO!! Whew…I’m sure I can live with a slight brake problem…I bet it even corners like its on rails. (When it is on rails!)

    I kinda like the rusty road warrior look. Would like to see a complete car done up with this color scheme. (Photo-chop anyone??)

  5. Dear MTV, Pimp My Ride. I’m sending a photograph of my ride in hopes that you can help me turn it into a sociological symbol of excess. Right now I’m lucky if I can lure a cranked out stripper home from the club. So far I have had little success…my mom is selling the truck to pay for dental work and my father wants his trailer back to haul used tires to the dump. That leaves me with nothing to tow my ride with and (As you can see in the photo) without your help It will sit on my parents lawn and I will have to walk to the club.

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  8. Brakes must have pulled to the left...head on into a gasoline tanker!
  9. That flame finished rust lends a certain patina........
  10. Was Dahr Jamail driving?......
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  12. LOL, So thats what Allan's car looks like after a wash and wax. I told him the paint would flake! Oh well...surfs up!

  13. Hey it just needs some tlc and a good buffing. A serious question, would anything be usable from this car? Engine block or transmission parts? I have bought a few total loss burns and aside from the frame and parts that didn't burn they are pretty useless. What would survive this fire?
  14. Nada! From the photo’s it looks like JUNK! It is obvious that the fire was hot enough to melt the motor. And if it melted the motor it most likely warped the frame and sheet metal on the rest of the car. Although you may think you can rescue a door or two…well think again! It would cost you more to restore this car than finding a good used one with no history! I suggest selling this guy some pink flamingos to go with his new lawn ornament!

    But if you really wanted you could sell the lump of motor as a boat anchor and use the funds to buy a cheap fiberglass Lambo kit from Kit-Cars R Us and staple it to the rusting warped frame. Throw in a Vett motor and…hummm now how much was the minimum-bid??


  15. Color is more charcoal grey.......... :)
  16. What's absolutely hilarious about this....... If someone posted a picture of this car, someone would have responded with a 'it will appear on e-bay' post.....but, it already has.... LOL!!!!
  17. The sad thing is that this "car" will probably be "rebuilt" because it comes with a title. I feel sorry for any future owner who will probably be told it was a minor accident and the owner wanted a new one. They may even be told that it is one of the rare fiberglass bodied Murcis.
  18. The title will go to a more complete, deserving vehicle as it is stolen and loaded for overseas....
  19. Yes, now that you mention it that is the most likely scenerio
  20. is it me or does the red lambo in the background look photochopped into that pic?
  21. looks good to me

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