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$225k for an '03 Murci w/ 5k miles?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by KennyH, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. It's from an authorized Lambo dealer- can either choose from silver or yellow. No stories behind it.

    Good deal?
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  3. I'm not exactly an expert but based on what I've seen that seems like a very good price, especially if it has no problems. I would wait to see what other people say though.
  4. The price seems pretty fair. That is exactly what we are asking for our Grey car with 1700 miles.
  5. I think that is within the ball park... I think I have seen a few (I see Michael responded) he has a great looking grey one for right there - lower miles. Chris at LOA has one right in that range as well... I bet ya a few of the boys on the board will work you a deal just a little better than 225K :)

    And mother of god those are wicked fast cars... like going up in a rocket those big 12's of the murci! The only other car I would have beside my Gallardo right now would be the murci...
  6. I'd call it retail pricing. Not a "deal" in the "psssst, hey buddy wanna buy a lambo?" category, but not "high retail" eg, Dupont Registry pricing, either.
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  8. Would love to hear of a better deal if anyone has one, of course.


  9. I'm with Bill.

  10. Any leads Jim?

    Thanks guys btw..
  11. Movin' up in the world, eh Ken?? ;)

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  13. Bullrun is. And you're financing it :).
  14. Thanks for the "Heads up!" Where do I send the check?

  15. Kerbeck

    03 Black 10K miles asking 199K This car has been listed in the NYT's for months.

    I'd try 180K
  16. make sure the car checks out ok. i'll use some caution on cars that seem to sell on the cheap side as they may have problems. i heard some talk months ago that there was a black murci in the 190K that has been on the market for months but has a recurring problem that just won't go away. if i'm not mistaken, the prev. owner traded it in because the problem just won't get fixed. good luck.

  17. At Kenny's age, (in college) I was driving a used Chevy X-11 Citation. It was a nice car.

  18. ralph....i don't have to go back that far...ford tempo for me.

    kenny, if you plan to hold on to the car for a loooong time, check into the "dead rapper" 03 yellow murcie recently available at prestige motors.

    i gave them an bid of low 170...and they offered in the low 190....not sure if it's still available but i would say today,it'd trade close to the bid side...
  19. pm me kenny, i know of an 03 6speed, 3k miles, perfect condition,with a special 10 factory paint job, can apparently be had for 225, the most beautiful lambo i have ever seen...my cousins good friend is an exotic car dealer and they are selling it...pm if you want more info....i would jumped on it, but my lack -o-money got in the way....

  20. Before you slander an authorized Lambo dealer I'd make sure you have first hand knowledge that the car they are offering has problems that won't get fixed.
    As it had 10K miles it seems to work somewhat...
  21. Looking into it as we speak, thanks Jim!
  22. Kenny,

    You have a PM..


  23. who did i slander? i just gave a recommendation and didn't specifically mention anything bad about any authrorized dealership or their car. i just gave caution, which i think everyone buying a car this expensive should take, especially when the price seems too good compared to other cars on the market. i mean, why would you drop the price waaay lower compared to others on the market if everything checked out well?
  24. I think jim's point was that you raised some question about a black murcie with a history of problems that had been on the market for a while, pointing, whether or not you intended it, to the possiblity that this car was that "problem" car. No doubt your intentions were simply to alert someone to the possibility of a problem car, but "Hey, wasn't that the one that got wrecked?" can put someone off, whether or not true. So, maybe, and jim can speak for himself here, the moral is, get your facts nailed down before casting aspersions :)
    I do remember a car such as the one you describe but i'd have to do some digging to figure one which one it is.
    As to market price, that car is not so far off the mark, given its mileage; i'll grant you, it's stupid, but these cars tend to be regarded as salvage material once they have passed the 10k mile mark....
  25. I remember someone posting a story of owning a Murceilago, 02 and black I believe, that had so many problems that could not get fixed the owner, who bought it second hand with no warranty remaining, got rid of at at a big loss. I belive he posted the story on another Lambo site. Anyway, his old car showed up at a Lambo dealer in California and on Ebay. Priced at around $195K. This car got talked up real good all over the internet and I believe the dealer was having trouble moving the car. His story was a moving one of a dream car that became his nightmare.
  26. This may be the car that was being referred to. The asking price on Ebay was $189K. Here is the former owners post.

    I purchased the 2002 Murcielago during April of 2003 from Bentley Downers Grove outside of Chicago after a 6 month long exhaustive search. They trade many exotics and always seem to have a Lamborghini or two in their inventory. This was before the Lamborghini of Dallas dealership was open. With only 2,600 miles on the smooth black dash, I was overwhelmed by the appearance, stature and presents of the car. The first test drive was an out of body experience – I was driving but it felt like I was watching someone else through the small rear window from the engine compartment behind. Driving and ultimately owning a Lamborghini! - every man and boy’s dream.

    My Lamborghini spent a total of 7 months out of the 18 months in the repair shop at Lamborghini of Dallas. A broken hydraulic hose resulted in its first carted trip to Dallas where it stayed for nearly two months waiting for parts ordered one at a time until the 4th part - the dash board switch, was finally determined to be the failed mechanism. Other items needing warranty repair included the faulty 5 cent catch on the overhead sunglass compartment, and a drooping driver’s side visor. They didn’t fix the visor.

    Within a short period of time, I experienced more “error” lights on the suspension module and the lift system would not work 100% of the time, the A/C unit would kick off at random, and squealed when the compressor cycled on and off. Also, a very noticeable hesitation occurred at 4,700 RPM’s regardless of speed or gear. I returned the car to Dallas for repair. After approximately one month of being on blocks at the Dallas dealership, I learned that the repair shop had still not found the reason for the hesitation and had no idea of when my car would be repaired and returned to me. I notified Lamborghini USA and Italy of my ongoing problems and dissatisfaction with this vehicle, my attorney was copied.

    To the credit of Lamborghini USA, and their attorneys, they did respond and John Amette was assigned to find and fix the problems. I met with John at the Dallas dealership. He was very professional and interested. He committed to spend the next 2-3 days finding the solutions to my Murcielago’s woes. Additionally, they extended my warranty for another 10 months.

    They replaced the spark plug housings –– bad “O” rings had caused the block to take on water – the housings were completely rusted. That didn’t fix the hesitation. They replaced the computer and the computer relay. Finally, after another 2 weeks of unsuccessful replacement and repair, they elected to replace the throttle bodies – this fixed the hesitation. A new shock was installed and the lift system and error lights were assumed repaired. John got my visor fixed.

    Within a few months, the A/C problem described earlier still existed and once again, the lift system chose to work sometimes, error lights appeared again on the suspension module. I needed to have the Texas State emissions test performed on it, but the computer wouldn’t allow a reading. I called Dallas and after a month, learned that the new computer they installed had a glitch that made emissions testing impossible. I would need to bring it back to the dealer for a new computer.

    After the vehicle was at the Dallas dealership for a month, I also learned that the clutch was worn and would need replacement – after only 8,400 miles and very civilized driving. The A/C problem was "my imagination". I was also reminded by the dealer more than once that I had not purchased the vehicle from L of Dallas. ????? I'm not sure now if my overall experience would have been better or worse.

    I had had enough. I asked them to make an offer to purchase the vehicle. I decided I couldn’t sell the car myself in good conscience to anyone else. So now it is for sale in San Diego. I’m not sure if the clutch has been replaced so beware. At $189.000, it is being offered at a large profit over what I unloaded it for.

    This whole story reminds me of the saying – “The two happiest days of my life were brought with this vehicle - the day I bought it and the day I got rid of it.” Ownership of this Murcielago has been the most dissatisfying purchase and decision of my adult life. It was a fabulous car to look at, great fun to drive when working, but a $280,000 inexcusable mechanical failure.

    To all of you Lamborghini fans and enthusiasts – good luck with your dreams and purchases. Demand that the new Lamborghini make a better product. Murcielago and Gallardo clutch problems, e-gear problems, Koni shock problems and suspension error lights seem to plague many of us – but not me anymore - I'll never own another.
  27. Took the words out of my mouth.
    02 ain't 03
    Lambo Dallas ain't Kerbeck
  28. hey wings that was the car i was referring to. thanks for doing the search. i didn't mean to say that kerbecks car was the one that had problems. hell, i don't even know their car. my intention was tsimply to give an example that cars selling on the lower side of prices MIGHT have some problems/history and to simply make sure everything checks out.

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