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2001 Diablo vs. 2004 Murcielago

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by racerdj, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. This one is for all you experts who have FIRST HAND knowledge of these two cars and have spent seat time in both. I desire to have all technical improvements between both cars. I desire to have driving experiences mentioned. Wholesale and retail fo 03 and 04 Murcies, plusses and minuses of both......Would it be smart to trade my 2001 360 in on a Red/Red-Ivory Interior 04 (200 mile) Murcie while I wait on "THE LIST" for a 430??? Have I lost my mind or have I been smitten by Lambo V-12 power??
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  3. You've been reading Roland's thread, haven't you...?
  4. Dave, yes it would be smart to trade the 360 on a...oh, wait.... nevermind. I guess I am a little biased, huh? Anyway, we put chrome factory wheels on it today to see how it would look. I'll send you some pics.
  5. On the "list" for a 430 ? I "suppose" each market is different to some degree ? Some people are going to have to wait, at least two years down here. However the two years, could very well stretch into three or four ? Some people were still waiting for their 360 Spyder.
  6. Let's see, Do you guys happen to have a red/red-ivory 200 mile o4??? Anxiously awaiting the pics.

    Late 06 or 07. Deposit taken!
    Yes I've been reading the "In Trouble" thread
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  8. If you wander into V12 territory, that 430 will be forgotten! There is no way a two year wait is worth it when there are many V12 Lambos out there now!
  9. "Would it be smart to trade my 2001 360 in on a Red/Red-Ivory Interior 04 (200 mile) Murcie while I wait on "THE LIST" for a 430???

    What does smart have to do with any of this?

    "Have I lost my mind or have I been smitten by Lambo V-12 power??"

    You've got to be a little nuts to entertain owning any of these cars, so why ask now?

    The Murcie sounds like a gorgeous car, and is probably a better drive than the Diablo you have; assuming you can get it at a reduced price, you'll still lose money when you get rid of it, but what price enjoyment?

    When do you think you'll actually take delivery of a 430? If you have a year or more to wait, why not do the Murcie in the meantime?

    I don't think 360s are going to be worth more if you wait, and that's another rational reason (that's what you are looking for here, Dave, right?) to dump the 360 now, buy the Murcie at a price and enjoy.

    Yet, and this is interesting, some people really like the Gallardo, so i'll throw that in to complicate matters. And, in the meantime, after its
    "car of the month" status wanes this winter, maybe you can pick up a Murcie roadster on the cheap- that would certainly sway me toward the Murcie. Oh, yeah, I like red cars too, occasionally:) Let's see what the others say...
  10. Do the right thing my good friend. Put another "Bull" in the 6 car stable!!!! You will not even think about looking back.
  11. Is having a diablo and a murcie kinda having 2 of the same beast? Or would you say they are so different that it is worth owning one of each?
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  13. Last May I wandered into the V-12 territory (haven't found my way out yet) and to my surprise I desire to keep the Diablo.
  14. I think the Murci would be a nice upgrade to the 360 but with all the cool colors lambo offers I think another red one would be too similar to what you have. A bright yellow or orange would give you the feeling you were in a totally different car.
  15. Motorcars International has/had a Ferrari F430 that you can buy today.

    I know, I personally talked with Randy about me possibly purchasing it, but decided against it. Its silver.

    I think he said something like Ferrari sent 10 over to the states ahead of schedule. I have pictures of the car, unless I was stupid and deleted them.

  16. Jim Kaminsky (Prez L owners club of America) said that the M car, is 80% of a D car !!

  17. You should get a really good price on a M roadster in the winter.
  18. the 360 and murci are totally different cars..the modena is lighter, smaller, more tossable v8 sports are...the murci is a v12, wide, heavy awd beast!!! and with 580 hp, its more of supercar.....on a twisty mountain road, i would take the 360,,, on a straight away or freeway, the murci anyday of the week...also, the murci will turn more heads...its a space ship on wheels!!!the 360 with a tubi sounds nice, a murci with a tubi is to die for!!!!if you can fine a murci for under 200k, the down side depreciation will be limited....as for the diablo vs the murci, i only drove a diablo one and a murci several times...the murci is more refined, easier to shift and easier clutch, too quiet without a tubi, not as nice interior, better body structure and slightly faster....i would get a murci over the 360 and the diablo, but they are all great cars, each different....
  19. I disagree 100%. After having owned many, many Diablos, and now one Murci........forget about it. No comparison. But I guess everyone has an opinion. The few people I have met and spoken to that have owned both cars have agreed. But I'm sure there are some that feel the other way, I just haven't talked to them. I would like to know the reasons someone would prefer a Diablo. Maybe because they like 2wd, maybe looks. But in comparing the areas of the supercar, the Murci wins in all except the interior VS. a 6.0. But again, just my opinion.

  20. I posted what J.K. had told me.

    Personally I like "both" carz. I cannot decide between the two cars, when you decide on just looks. Each has its own good virtues. Certainly the Diablo is "more" aggressive. However the Murcielago (a more clean design) is no slouch in the statement, and looks dept either. I am sure the Murcielago will gain quite a bit of power, (street R-GT / SV production model) in the next few years. You have alot of serious competition that has suddenly shown up. Neither car measures up to the C/T, cosmetically and for pure shock value.

    When comparing the new roadster, the modern design is more refined. I think the M Roadster has a better arangement, than the D Roadster. I feel most people would agree with that opinion. The 6.0 interior wins hands down, for just about all the modern cars. The M interior is a let down. The Accord name has been tossed around, when talking about the M interior. All of these carz, are gaining more and more bulk. - The more bulk that is added, seems to broaden the market of these cars. I do not like the trend. Which direction are the going with the 12cyl carz ? More weight and power ? Refine the carz and broaden the appeal ? 4000 lbs + ? Perhaps the salesman can talk about elbow room, headroom, and how much room for the golf bag ? What do you expect ? This is what sells the cars !! - No more road warriors.

    I suppose it would be like asking a hot girl, who opens her lingerie drawer each day ? Don't we all want to know !!!!!! How do you choose one over the other, on any given day ? (When it comes between the M and D)

  21. Aj,

    Can you expand on your answer as to what you like about the murcie more than a diablo? I mean who better to answer than a man that has had his share of diablos :)

    For people looking to purchase in the upcoming years, used diablos and murcies will be available, and thus a post from you given your ownerwship experience regarding them and pros/cons of them will be helpful, educational, and appreciated.

    Thank you sir.

  22. Ralph, thank you for the info my friend. Much appreciated.

    I would think on looks alone the diablo would win hands down. Then again looks are subjective, and the diablo just "does" it for me. :)

    See this I disagree with . I have said it before, and will say it again that a C/T doesn't do anything for me. However, I don't think the car isn't a "supercar" but I more think it is a generational thing. I wasn't one of those guys who had a CT in their bedroom wall. Actually I had nothing, as I am not a poster guy.

    I have been preaching the generational thing for a while now. However, today I thought about it. My heart tugs at the 356 Porsche and the E series Jags. But then why don't I like the CT? I mean the 356 and Es were before my time as well. I couldn't answer that. Having seen CTs in person, being in them, I feel it doesn't speak to me. Don't get me wrong, the experience is wild, but thats just it.

    To me its like going to bed with a fat woman, who is insanely good in bed. The experience might be good, but would you want to live with her everyday, take her to christmas parties, or to your family, or your visit with your friends? I certainly wouldn't. Thus I can never see the CT eclipsing the D and M in my head.

    THen again I hate the 360 and love the 355. Maybe I need to go take my medication.

    I clearly see his point. THe diablo Roadster is....yeah...

    The M roadster (not to be confused with the BMW one) is hot. Especially in the M&M colors. Now only if it had a real top. But who needs a top in such a crazy car!!

    The only thing I don't like about the M roadster is the when the doors are open. The quarter frame piece that is up when the doors are open (see rolands pic) is ridiculous, imho. :

    She wears only the colors I like ;)
  23. Does anybody know what he means???
  24. Thanks!!
    Calling Professor AJ for a lecture on Diablo's vs. Murcies.
  25. Sure buddy. :)

    Class is in session, and the pupils are patiently waiting for the professor. :)
  26. I'm still not clear on the 80%. In performance, looks or other things.

  27. Murcielago -

    Underneath it is 80% of a Diablo. (suspension/mechanical components)

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