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2 gallardo's at manhiem auction today

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by titanium360, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. Does anyone has access to today's manhiem auction results? there were two brand new gallardo's on the block. it would be interesting to see what kind of money it brought? one was black the other yellow.
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  3. I too would be interested in this...as the auction is not that far from my home and if I really wanted to I maybe could get a friend to pick up something and sell it to me......

    PS titanium360, please fill out your profile and get an avatar! One seems more a part of the site then IMHO
  4. BRAND NEW????

    huh? why would a dealer put to BRAND NEW never-registered gallardos into auction?

    i would assume the dealer margins are on the order of 10% to 12%, so dumping it at 8% of MSRP to the next guy to walk in the door is better than getting hammered at auction, isn't it?

    or did they think it'd fetch > MSRP at manheim?

    or were they not "brand new" but "slightly used"?

    i'm confused. education please!

  5. Not sure if this was same auction but I was talking to TOM from CARSTORE at Glenside when he was at an auction today. One was going across block at that moment he let me listen in ..Got to 176,000 bid guy wanted 180k
    did not sell. it had 400+ miles no idea as to equipment could have been at 170k MSRP or 184K MSRP Tom didn't know.
  6. the post-trade results are not up yet
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  8. There were 2 Black Gallardo's that ran through the Riverside Auto Auction last Thursday. McKenna was the consignor. 1 - 6 speed and 1 - Paddle Shifter (whatever you call it)

    Both were no sale @ 176K and 179K The owner of both cars was bidding them up.

  9. Cars ran through the highline sale in Atlanta. Neither car was a "new" car. They both were previously titled. One brought MSRP to the owner and the other nosaled at 185000, which was 5k over list. Last month, two Gallardos ran at West Palm and a yellow one brought 10 over list and the other, a black car, brought the rain at 28k over list!!! Bring the noise. If you have noticed, there are not many of them out there anymore. Lamborghini let last years production hit at once, but now the max allotment at any dealer in the country is 2.5 cars per month or 25 cars per year. In other news, just got the wheels chromed on one of these bad boys and they look HOT. Hope everyone is doing well.

  10. Post pictures of the wheels Chris..how much to do it?

    It's tough breaking into this price market against a name like Ferrari.
    A large number of people are trademark loyal/blind.

    I looked PAST the name.. test drove a Gallardo bought one and have no
    regrets. The car is simply better than any current Ferrari being made IMHO.
    I thought that when I drove it BEFORE I bought it.

    Drive one.... these guys at a Lamborghini dealer. are not like your Ferrari dealers when they see or know you are a prospect.

    IN San Diego try Nick Smith at Symbolic. Or if you like approach me at
    any so cal FDC or other gathering I'll show you my car or go for a drive.
    The people that own them are their best sales reps!
  11. Mario
    Riverside is not known for selling 180k cars is it?
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  13. I was at my local dealer on Wednesday when a very well known broker walked in and started talking about the two gallardo's he had. he would not say how much but bought the two car for under sticker and was not able to sell them. one a 6 speed and the other e gear. he said he was taking both of the them to manhiem (PA) exotic auction. he was looking for $173K and $183K respectively for the cars.
  14. would you be able to post them for us?
  15. #12 chrislamborghiniatlanta, Feb 13, 2004
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    I am not trying to question you, but I don't believe for one second that he bought them for back of sticker. And why can't he sell them? What is the real story. I had a girlfriend from Canada once and she was soooooo hot, at least that is what I told my friends when I was 13 or so. Embelishment is an art form, and brokers have to put up that kind of facade to bolster confidence in them. Personally, I do not understand the role of a broker especially with the internet making finding and purchasing a car from an authorized dealer so simplistic!!! Why would you want to pay someone money who has no shop and nothing to fall back on to find you a car? These guys really just either leach off of the real buyers and drivers and make it harder for the real guy to get a car, or screw the market like they did with the Gallardo. Oh well, I am sure they will always be around.
    As for the Chrome wheels, here is a picture of them. They look absolutely awesome. They were done in Cali, I had them next day aired to Cali and done in seven days and sent back. I could not be more pleased with the outcome. Tell me what you think, the owner is soooooo excited.
    Image Unavailable, Please Login
    Image Unavailable, Please Login
  16. Hey Chris you dated her too:) The chrome looks very classy with the yellow calipers.
  17. Chris like the chrome. Was that the place in Anahiem?
    If so they did my Kinesis wheels in "black chrome " on my Viper and my 996TT.
    If my Gallardo were black it would have the blacked out windows and black chrome wheels also!
  18. Well, you asked. I can't imagine putting chrome wheels on a high performance car like the Gallardo. All they do is add weight where you don't want it. Just my opinion, those who buy the car for stylin' could care less, of course.


  19. Chrome wheels do not belong on this car! IMO
  20. I think it looks fantastic Chris!
  21. Oh yeah, those chrome wheels really add some "bling bling" stylin' to a $175,000 car. Sort of like putting a chrome picture frame around the Mona Lisa in order to "improve" the painting. Yeah, a real improvement. While you're at it, add a chrome chain steering wheel and some mud flaps and curb feelers to complete the package. And don't forget a pair of fuzzy dice for the rear view mirror.
  22. Why go through all that trouble when you could just buy a Ferrari and have the same effect?
  23. I've got a better concept Allan. Introducing the Gallardo "Long Nose".
    Major Bling Bling Bling!!!
  24. TOO funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  26. i checked the database and it looks like no gallardos were sold.
    ( I think someone already mentioned that in this thread.)
  27. ok i checked the riverside auction

    2004 GALLARDO 465miles BLACK sold for 180,000
  28. As I posted earlier I was on the phone With Tom from CARSTORE at Glenside..It was the Manhiem auction car was bid to 176 buyer wanted 183 came down to 180 no sale. No idea as to equipment could have neen 170k or 185 MSRP car????

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