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1st Gallardo experience by Ferrari/Lambo enthusiast

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by johnhoughtaling, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. Well got my first up and personal Gallardo experience.

    Saw one in Monterey last year and was not impressed. MUCH more impressed after seeing it pull up in front of my house. ANd seeing it on the road.

    Took a very fast, long ride in the car. The performance is VERY impressive. Build quality, even more so. I very much like this car. I also think it is equal to if not better in the looks department than the 360

    BUT, After taking a ride in the Gallardo, I gave the Gallardo owner a ride in my 355. And I have to tell you that I had way more fun in the 355. (and I drive this car as my daily driver). Now, I did drive the Gallardo (the owner wouldnt let me), but while the performance was very significant, and the build quality excellent, the Gallardo felt like a German car, not an italian one. It didn't have the incredible sound or soul of my 355. (maybe they will come out with a punched out racer-type exahust which will make me like it better).

    If given the choice of a Gallardo or the Stradale, I cannot imagine buying the Gallardo (if I didnt have the extra 20k, I'd wait and save).

    It used to be that the Ferrari was the pretty debutante that you could take home to meet your mother, and the Lambo was the hot slut you had on the side. It seems the roles have reversed!!

    I sure hope Ferrari does not move the V8 in the direction of the Gallardo, like they have with the 612.
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  3. To each his own..I couldn't get my deposit back quick enough on the
    360CS!!!!!!!!!!!If the 360Cs was 20000 cheaper I would still pass!!!!!!!!!
  4. Amen to that. I have driven the 360, 360 spyder and one of the guys who comes around here has a CS and I have driven him in the Gallardo and he even admitted that it was a faster car. No soul in the Gallardo, you are entitled to your opinion, but the Gallardo has tons of it!!! I don't know how someone could say that it does not have the right sound, it sounds like a rocket ship about to blast off. It even has more sound too it than the Murci in some respects. I will say this though, people will always be pretty loyal to Ferrari for one reason or another so I am not ever surprised when someone likes the 360 better even if it is not a better car.
  5. I'm surprised the Gallardo owner wasn't willing to let you drive.
  6. Chris you can't argue with "blind" logic or even try to reason with the Ferrari loyalists . I don't even try... I just blow right by them every chance I get.
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  8. Regarding the sound of the Gallardo, at idle and low rpm, it is quite tame. But get it above 5,000 rpm and the exhaust starts to sing nicely. Plus, put a Tubi on it and see what it sounds like.

    I love 360's, and no disrespect to Ferrari, but the Gallardo is head and shoulders above the 360. I owned a 360, and drove a Gallardo at Mosport race track. I didn't even like the Gallardo prior to driving it on the track. It is quite a car. It feels like the V10 has lots of headroom for more horespower, as well, which means we can expect improved performance for future model iterations. I don't think you could say the same about a 4.2/4.3L V8 engine, especially considering that the current Stradale has only 25 more HP than the base 360. Honestly, that is a shame. I know, I know, it's lighter and more agile. But seriously, a "challenge" version should have more than an additional 25 ponies.
  9. Gez- Even the Prez of the Lousiana Lambo club prefers a Ferrari over a Lambo......


    Sure the Gallardo has more HP then the 360CS.
    Soul of a car doesn't come from performance numbers.
    A spirt of the car comes from the engineer designer and the stylist.
    I'm afraid modern cars have to many commitee decsions and laws to comply with - the soul in the classic cars may be gone forever.
  10. After my first ride in the Gallardo, I had to re-shift my teeth back to their normal position. Excellent build quality at least equal to my 360.
  11. As always, Dave with an unbiased opinion.
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  13. Here are some simple guidelines:
    Ignor the manufacturer, if you like the way it looks, then drive it. If you still like it and want it buy it especially if it's red and you can afford it. I almost forgot to add, then enjoy it and forget what others think.
  14. Soul is subjective. To me, the Gallardo has just as much soul as a 360. "Soul" and/or "spirit" means different things to different people. To some, it is the feeling they get knowing that Ferrari dominates F1. Or, the styling. Or, the sound. Or, the performance. Or, all of the above. Personally, I could care less who wins F1, because I don't drive an F1 race car, I drive street cars. The Gallardo has plenty of soul, but possibly not in the eyes of traditional Ferrari loyalists. That is, at least until they drive it. Other than Ferrari's F1 domination and race heritage, I don't think the 360 has a leg to stand on when compared to the Gallardo. I am hoping that the 420/430 (or whatever they are going to call it) offers more of a car to challenge the Gallardo. They can certainly produce magnificent cars (the Enzo is proof of that), but are they willing to go the extra mile to offer the consumer a complete total package? Quite frankly, when I owned my 360, I got tired of saying to myself "gee, if this car only had another 100hp, then it would be outstanding".
  15. Well said Clax! I have nothing to add to that.
  16. Wayne:

    "Chris you can't argue with "blind" logic or even try to reason with the Ferrari loyalists "

    So I've got blind logic and am biased against Lamborghini? Actually, Wayne your quite wrong. I really do like lamborghinis. And I can probably prove it.

    The point I'm trying to make is that this new lamborghini, while a techincal marvel, to me, a Lamborghini enthusiast, is a slight disappointment. My reasoning is that while the performace is spectacular (better than the Ferrari), I think the Stradale (not the 360) has much more of the EDGE that I prefer. Its loader and, at least to this lambo enthusiast, has more of a viseral feel to it. My fear is that both Ferrari and Lamborghini, while making "better" cars, are making them more bland.
  17. It is my understanding that Lambo will be offering a Gallardo with more "edge" to it within 2 years. Don't forget, it took Ferrari 4 years before then offered the CS. And, the CS isn't for everyone, so Lambo took the right approach in making a car that appeals to more buyers. If the CS was what most consumers wanted, they would be outselling the normal 360 (which is not the case). For my money, I'd take the Gallardo over the CS without thinking twice. I could add some edge to it with an aftermarket exhaust and ECU mods that are currently in the works.
  18. CLax:

    Yes that is a good point. But, I'm selfish (and maybe unrealistic). I dont want Ferrari and Lambo to build a car that appeals to most people. I want them to build a car for idiots like me. They are building cars that are more cush than hard core. I want a racing car for the street. Both companies are appealing to ball players and older guys who want more space. So the cars are getting bigger and less raw. (both bad things, to me) The 328 is more raw, and smaller than a 355, and the same is true for the 3555 to the 360. Although the cars are getting faster, and are better, I ironically think they are going in the wrong direction. The Gallardo struck me like that.

    And the Stradale, was not just and evolution of the 360, it was a change in direction. The car is like a stree legal version of the challenge car. This is a change I like, and I much prefer this to the Gallardo.
  19. I guess it really depends what you want. Interestingly though, car publications that tested cars like the 328 or 355 often cited the need for more refinement, better construction quality and better driveability. Now the cars have attained that, and it seems that some are complaining that they are too refined. I guess you can't please everyone. I drove the Gallardo around an ALMS track and I found that it provided enough edge and rawness to it, but still had outstanding refinement and driveability. I like the exhaust note of a CS better, but with an aftermarket exhaust on the Gallardo, that can be remedied quite easily.
  20. Welcome to the dark side, my friend. It is a good place to be.
  21. Very well said!!
  22. I went for a Gallardo test drive today, my 1st Lambo experience. Actually drove two cars, one manual, one with the e-gear sequential box.

    First impression in the car was mixed, very odd view on this long windshield, no idea where the front is, a kind of claustrophobic atmosphere similar to an Audi TT. Wide A-pillars, just as annoying as in a Vanquish. On the positive side, I liked the finish and touch of the interior. Might look and feel german (the Audi touch is unmistakeable), but that's the kind of German touch I like. At last an italian sports car which gives you a run for your money in terms of build quality. Compared to a 355/360/550/575 or even a Porsche, the Gallardo is way ahead in this area. The same goes for leather quality which is superb. All details are superbly finished, the influx of german discipline is refreshing. Same thing on the road, not a quirk.

    Leaving the dealership, the rather large turning radius (must be 550-league, a shame for such a compact car) is striking, so is the whine of the 4wd transmission when manoeuvering at maximum lock.
    On the road and on the highway, the first thing that strikes is the engine noise. The intake and exhaust note are simply superb and addictive. I'd still put the Vanquish 1st, but this is a close second for a coupe. There is the rumble of the V10, and a loud yet enjoyable boaaaa when you floor the right foot that are real liabilities for your driving license. I found more refined than a CS for instance, yet just as involving.
    The engine feels torquy and powerful, push is linear but speed piles up really fast. I can relate to the comments that the Gallardo is a 996TT contender, same type of linear delivery, without the turbo lag.

    The throttle response tends to be a bit jerky at very slow speeds, difficult to cruise on thin gas withouth jitter.

    The manual gearbox felt very adequate to me. Smooth (a lot less firm than a 550), yet precise, really nothing to criticize. Clutch takes a bit to get used to, and the very low inertia of the engine requires very fast and precise movements. The e-gear does an ok job, normal mode being really soft and sport mode quick and clean, nowhere as quick as Modena CS IMO though but better sorted than the Modenas I've driven. Downshifting when coasting for a stop is clean, but the box has annoying tendancy to stay in 2nd. While on the gearing topic, 1st gear looks really tall, this must be a real clutch muncher with the e-gear. If I'd buy the car, I'd certainly go manual.

    Cannot comment much on handling, my test drive route did not allow me to push too much towards the limit. Brakes feel powereful and pedal feel is good. The suspension feels taut if not harsh on uneven roads, I think that Ferraris still achieve a better compromise between firmness and harshness.

    A big design problem remains luggage. The trunk in the front is ridiculously small, and the space behind the seat much thinner and shallower than in a 360. A 355 boot looks like a minivan in comparison. In spite of the custom luggage sales pitch (I'd say disaster management), I just don't see how you leave for a 4d road trip in a car like this. There is not even a reclining mechanism which allows to flip the seat fwd to access this tiny life-saving space in the cabin. There is no way you can hope to carry luggage to an airport for a business trip, you'd be amazed how much stuff you can pack in a Modena or Maranello in comparison, the day you need it. I know this may sound odd to many, but I sometimes take my Ferraris for grocery shopping, this is part of every day driving routine, precisely what the Gallardo targets.

    Both cars I drove showed small problems. The first one had a clear jitter problem at around 60km/h (perhaps a balancing problem), and the second a bizarre whine in the transmission when releasing the throttle (central diff problem ?). I don't know if customers have already piled up miles on Gallardos and how the car copes.

    Overall, an unforgiving conclusion could be that the Gallardo is a well-sorted pointless car.
    Pointless because I don't see it delivering as an every day supercar. No boot, no room for work gear, furtherless for travelling, ridiculous turning radius, abismal visibility, scary front ground clearance.
    Pointless too because, as a pure sports car, I don't want to carry the weight of a 4wd transmission and want the agility of a pure real-wheeldrive mid-engine car.
    Still, with the Gallardo, Lamborghini sets new standards in several areas, I hope this will get some people thinking in Maranello.
  23. I agree. I drove the Gallrado at Lambo Dallas before purchasing my 355SPyder and it was not that exciting. Fast, but not thrilling. I much prefer my Spyder.
  24. John: I think you are correct about "probably able to prove it", but watch that "older guy" stuff.....
  25. Oh, and I forgot one thing: the choice of available colors is really appalling unless you're into yellows and oranges. One blue, one grey, two blacks, one purple, one green and that's about it.

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