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1999 millenium diablo roadster

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Juice It, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. Anyone know anything about these cars? Price looks about the same as a 360 spider for what appears to be way more car. Whats the low down on these bad boys? I know it is a limited edition but what is actually different besides the millenium silver color?
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  3. They have shorter Sv type gears.
  4. Im guessing those make a huge improvement on the otherwise ridiculously tall 5 SPD in the diablos. And really, who needs over 186 ( i believe the RPM top speed in the short gears?)
  5. I bought one last month, great car. Ten in the US, special paint, two tone interior, carbon fiber wing, gears like allen said. Roadster were discontinued in the 99, These were made as a special edition in the 2000 model year, (although still listed as 99s on paper), last convertable Lambos. There is a picture in my profile.
    more info: http://www.lambocars.com/diablo/diablorms.htm
  6. Mark,
    That car is sweet. How do you like it so far? I guess you haven't had it in the warm weather yet but how much of a difference is the feel than the 355 spider and how is the quality compared to the Ferrari? Post some more pics up in the showroom!
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  8. I too would like to know. Are they still going for over 200k as the article claims?
  9. It's really a great car, weather was dry middle of Dec. was able to put about 500 miles on it. Very tight, no rattles at all, drives as smooth as my 355. Cornering is unreal with the all wheel drive. Cannot compare performance to a 355, much, much faster, pulls in any gear, any rpm. Only down side is visibility, but after a week of driving, you get used to it, now no probs changing lanes. Build quality similar to ferrari, very well made. I been driving and working on Ferraris since the mid eighties, this car is no different. 355s require engine out for belts, but clutch is easy, Diablos engine out for clutch, but use timing chains. They both have good and bad points but overall I think they average out the same. I think most of the Ferrari vs. Lambo hype is pure emotion.
    I originally planned on a 360 spider, but the numbers don't work at current prices, I paid less for this car than I would have for a mint 00 or 01 spider with same miles, (2,900). Prices are under 200K, I know of one other Millennium, with 5,800 miles, they are asking 180.

  10. Nice, I too am considering a new change from my 355 spider. I am not impressed with the build quality on the Ferrari whatsoever. Seats start wearing at 5k miles and I am sure I will have dash issues like everyone else before too long. Have also experienced faulty slow down lights and all this on an 8000 mile pampered car. Is the other one for sale on the net? What condition was it in?
  11. I know what you mean, I replace exhaust manifolds & cats. Car was running perfectly but due for a major next year, the car showed no sign of soft valve guide problem but if I addressed that at same time I'd be looking at 10k to 12k. A good time to sell. I also believe v8 Ferraris are under powered, for a high dollar exotic they should be faster.
    The other Millennium is not listed, not as of 12/1 anyway, A dealer called the owner for me and asked if he was interested in selling it. Dealer maintained, If you want more info send me a pm.

    Here's another picture, when weather breaks I'll take some more.

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  13. This is my millinium diablo.. I modified the paintjob a bit since i didn't want to be like all the other 10 owners.. :)


  14. Mark,

    Best of luck with new toy. Enjoy to the fullest.

  15. Hey Josh. How are you? Long time no talk to!

  16. really nice lamborhgini I love the millenium it looks awsome with SV chrome wheels I share the same love for Ferrari and Lambo. I need to finish the stable off with a Pozzi Blue 575 or 612 and a Murcialgo in black. :)

    Gorgous colors and design http://www.stormbirds.org/~joshs/Photos/Album10/Medium/Image18.jpg

    I believe there was a Millennium Diablo in the movie Exit wounds with DMX.
  17. Hey, did you do the Players Run by any chance? I have a DVD of it and I saw a car that looked like that, if I can remember correctly. Thats purple on the hood scoops right?
  18. Yes he did!
  19. hey allan,
    Yeah, we have not chatted much since you hit hawaii...

    Yeah, I did the players run.. it was a blast! I'd recommend it to anybody

    The paint does the color shifting thing. It brings the highlights out on the car
  20. Yes, i never use AIM anymore, so we havent kept in touch. Any new mod news? Dyno runs? etc etc?

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