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1999 Lamborghini Diablo GT Found

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by racerdj, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. While getting service done on my Diablo today at Nelson Autogroup, a Candy Apple Red 1999 Diablo SV was just taken in on trade. The guy is buying a new Ford GT. Rosso Vik Red, Tan interior (Snow Corn) Red sticking 6000 miles. The car has off white carpet and is immaculate. For that matter the whole car is immaculate with all books, records, 2 owner for $159,900. You can contact Ron Frost 800-606-9595 and let him know I mentioned the car.
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  3. Not street legal... Are those 8,000 track miles?
  4. I might have assumed GT as the car has smaller air scoops on the front hood (near the windshield) and has large "Ram Air" scoops on top of the roof leading directly into the engine bay area. Sorry for any confusion.
  5. 159 000 seems to low for a GT , esp in the US , as they are very rare..only 80 built for the whole world.
  6. That would be a 99 SV.The GT would have 1 large air induction on the roof,and also.....here's a pic.
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  8. Professor AJ, Your wealth of knowledge is awsome!! With your excellent help the car is an SV (2 roof ari intakes). The car is flawless and seriously would be in Indiana if it was available 5 weeks ago. AJ, I need some more work with your Under Graduate Lambo Program!! I ENJOY and crave your extensive knowledge database, KEEP POSTING!!
  9. ive seen one GT in person at the lambo dealer in HK a while back.. one of the most awesome cars in the world no doubt.. I wonder who bought it though?

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