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1998 Diablo Sv

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Jakillo, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. Hey everyone!

    Perhaps some of you have read my earlier thread about picking up a murcielago. That is definitley still in consideration, however, we also have found a repo 1998 Diablo SV for very cheap. I just did an entire car fax reports and the car came up completely clean. We would be the third owners if we bought it.

    Can anyone tell me how Diablo SV stacks up with the competitors?
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  3. What color combo is the car? What part of the US is it from? The 98 SV is a good car, but there are a couple of them around that have seen some extensive use, and don't show that on the clock. A.J.
  4. I believe its a black on black, from El Paso TX, its a 2 owner vehicle. Thanks AJ
  5. Well, I don't know that one. The 98SV is a rocket. The last year of the pop-up headlights, if you like that. The "old style" interior. If I can be of any help, let me know.
  6. Thanks a lot AJ, I really appreciate the offer. I will continue the search and hopefully sometime soon I can join up with the lambo owners!
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  8. Did'nt the US Treasury dept, auction a black on black 98 SV recently ?

    Yes be careful with the 2wd sport models. - They generally are going to have an aggressive Type A driver. LOL More hard knocks perhaps ?
  9. Treasury Auction sales results (Jan 29 2004):

    216 - 1998 LAMBORGHINI DIABLO SV, BLACK,12 CYL,VIN:ZA9DU21B7WLA12972, 2 DR,MANUAL,ODOMETER READS 19,764 - IR2002940050000401001 - John H Marshall - $141,000

    218 - 1991 FERRARI 348TS, RED, 8 CYL, 2 DOOR COUPE, VIN:ZFFRG36A8M0089683, MANUAL TRANSMISSION, POWER WINDOWS, TARGA TOP, ODOMETER READS: 31,071 - CS2003270400015001001 - H.B. Pacific Coast Ent - $52,000


    Theres a heads up for you on what was paid for the black SV

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  11. I cant say how the SV stacks up to the Murci as I have never had the opportunity to drive one.

    I can say that if it were a choice ,it would be the Murci hands down, but we are talking about almost a $100,000.00 spread here.

    For the price I have never driven a sports car that compares to my 98SV ,very well built, well layed out interior,comfortable, and solid as a rock at speed.

    The 98 SV with 19000 plus Kilometers on her oddometer is 12000 + miles,which is about the ave miles Ive seen on most of the avalible late 90s Diablos.

    As these cars are all run very hard and built to be, to a point! I would never buy one without all the service records, and a full Lamborghini cert.inspection.

    Good Luck!
  12. Glen

    Don't sell your car short against the Murcie. I have heard from "many" enthusiasts, that the sport 2wd Diablo's are more visceral to drive. It is more entertaining than the Murcie. Personally I like the Murcie styling to the Diablo. However the Murcie is not exactly light.

    I am not sure the Murcie is worth the price of admission in comparison to the Diablo ? I think the problem is the weight. Murcie is at least 4K pounds dry.
  13. This car is very close to 100k.. so more like a 130k+ difference!
  14. an SV selling in the very low 100's

    hmmm, hard to believe
  15. You must look at this carefully. Low 100's to start. But as a repo, you know you most likely have some issues. 2 or 3 major issues put you into the 130-140 range. A very nice 98SV with low miles (2500) can be had for high 130's. So for 30k, what piece of mind are you looking for? I even know of a 8k mile 98SV for 129k. Not a perfect car, but very, very nice. And with the blk/blk car, the repo history will always be there, even if the car is nice. Just some food for thought. Check it out.

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