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1998 Diablo SV in Red

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by DodgeViper01, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. Hey guys. A friend of mine is thinking of selling his SV but is not sure what the car is going to fetch. Any ideas? I am pretty sure on a number but need confirmation. The car has around 12,000 miles on it and has always been garage kept. Car also has the chrome SV rims and tan interior. Nice example. He just does not get to drive it that much anymore. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. im not sure but somthing like 200k, got any pics? i would love to see the beast
  4. Do not have exact pictures but here is what it looks like minus the Chrome rims.

    As for the price, I think $200K is a bit high.
  5. $150k is high still, $135-$140 at best......

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  7. Ben you are right near my numbers. Thanks for the info.
  8. sal got offered 120 from a wholesaler he is selling his yellow SV for 125
  9. Interesting but Wholesale is always low. Sal was asking only $125K?
  10. The guy selling the Lambo doesnt work in Wayne NJ does he? I've seen a red one around town.
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  12. On the private market you are looking at $130 to $135,000 tops, nice car!
  13. as a point of reference only

    motorcars intl is selling a black SV with 5k miles for $149,500

    there prices are usually pretty firm
  14. He is from Canada, so what does $200k Canadien convert to?

    All dealers are going to be high on their cars, I think that MC-intl has a lottle play room;)

    fyi-lottle=lot+little:) so high $130's with the low mileage is right on.
  15. Did this car come from Prestige? They had a SV that looked exactly like that had some damage history.
  16. Ben is correct.
  17. This SV has not been in any accidents. Clear title.
  18. No, worked in NY.
  19. Right where I was thinking, $125K - $140K. I will pass along the info to him. Anyone interested in the car? ;)
  20. The car that was down in Houston had a clear title too, no major damage just some right front suspension damage if I recall correctly...Which dealership did he get it at? The car looks great and if it was'nt Red I know a guy that would buy it right now.

    Which bring me too this: If anyone knows of a Blue 6.0 or SV shoot me a PM, one of my buddies told me to keep an eye out.

  21. If this is the car that you're buying (the one in the picture below...), that's my old SV... here's another pic for you. Car had a lot of problems /

  22. Somewhere in NJ. Kerbeck I believe.
  23. It seems to be hit or miss with these SV's.
  24. Luigi forgot to tell you all the story about when he went to the gas station in that thing. He could not open the door. It was brand new / auto nuevo. He had to climb over the transmission tunnel, and exit / salida on the passenger side door. I hope nobody had a camera at the petrol station. - You know (not the car) taking a pic of him upside down !! - Some hot teenage gurrl / senorita.
  25. Great Pic!!!
  26. Here you go, Ralph! few more pics for you of my 98 SV - I'm sure you'll like one of these at least!

    The last one is with one of the v. few golf carts that Tonino Lamborghini imported here in the US in early 1999.
  27. Very nice Luigi

    All those pics are nice. One is better than all the rest !!!!!!!

    Yes that one !!! (Arkansas)

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