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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 400SPYDER, Feb 23, 2005.

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  3. Very nice. Too bad it's RHD.
  4. It isn't. Check the end of the first post.
  5. That is Jamiroquais Car

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  7. haha , Miura SV prices have gone nuts as well .
  8. I would think the car would be worth even more. RHD cars are even more scarce.
  9. Your right but i know that car, and it is really rough full with accident history...did i say that?! A nicer example would bring more.

    ALSO according to Lamborghini Registry the car was converted to RHD. It was originally LHD so this is not a true RHD car.

  10. sure about that? I'd figure he would have many more miles than what is posted from the attitude he has about his cars.
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  12. I was offered the car.
  13. I contacted the Managing Director of the garage selling the RHD SV yesterday.
    I'm a professional photographer & I've got a potential for a Miura shot that could result in a great deal of positive publicity for the vendor.
    He was dismissive, arrogant and wanted to charge me a fee for the privilege of shooting the car.

    Any other U.K. Miura owners out there who would like some nice pics of their car ?

  14. Come to San Diego, I'll hook you up.
  15. I'm in CA in August to cover as many classic auto events as possible - San Diego would be great, especially to get some nice Miura shots.

    Could you PM me more details ?
  16. There is also a very very nice and original car here in the South of Netherlands, and many more interesting cars.
    So if you want we can arrange something, if interested please send me a PM.

  17. I've sent a PM

  18. Jambo TOTO70,

    Please contact me!

    Eric Muller

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