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$190k for 6.0 on Barnett Jackson

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Mark(study), Apr 2, 2005.

  1. Just saw a Orange 6.0 trade hands on the Barrett Jackson FL auction for $190k
    ex- Nicklas Cage car with 3,000 miles

    I was just flipping channels. Seems most of the Barrett Jackson show is for guys that like to buy cars and get their face on TV... not worried about the price.

    Just watched some guy spend $1.5 million for Howard Hue's(sp?)
    Custom Buick Road Master Sedan.
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  3. I thinl that diablo whent for too much but buyer beware these cars are a gamble this is even more true at an auction what did you think about the price
  4. No, a pearl orange 3k mile 2001 trading for 190 is not too much. The last one that sold from a dealer went for $189,500 plus sales tax and if it wasn't sold there was another buyer waiting to get it. As for these cars being a gamble ... well I would say that for any car. No matter what you buy your getting it just like your wife. For better or for worse but to imply that a 2001 6.0 is a gamble is obviously not and educated statement. Any true lambo enthusiast or owner will tell you the 6.0 is one of the best most reliable exotics that you can buy in or out of the lamborghini world. Other than a leaky front right koni shock this car has no issues to even look into. I think people also forget that the 6.0 was $274,000 new. Equal or more than a new murci even today.
  5. A new Ford GT red sold for $230k
  6. IMO a Diablo 6.0 for $190k is a performance bargin. I was told this week by a dealer that Diablo's in the last year have done great on re-sale. He said there are not very many Diablo's out there.
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  8. Unless you think that the "provenance" of Cage adds value, i'd say that price is full retail. Specialty or high-end auction prices, to me, are not a reliable indicator of market values- alot of the cars get bid up beyond what they are worth, simply due to the excitement and atmosphere of an auction; granted, any number of rare cars get sold this way, and in some cases, it really is hard to place a true market value on them, since they don't trade hands too often and therefore arguing over the price is academic; but in the case of something like a 6.0, there is an established market, and enough cars to satisfy it if someone wanted to go out tomorrow and buy one. In this vein, SportsCar Market reported the sale of a 330 GTC by Russo & Steele in Scottsdale at 186k dollars. To me, that's high since they are not "rare"; the same issue reports the sale at 159k dollars of an early 365BB, more rare, but still way beyond current market prices, i think, despite its royal provenance.(Yet that particular Boxer is probably not something you could find quickly on the open market ).
  9. They had crazy prices there, somebody stole a 355 spyder for under $75k and an Anniversary Countach went for $79k crazy, while the Shelby 500GT conv got $500K !!!!! What was he smoking ? Then a bunch of 60s Vettes got big $ too. Very strange event
  10. I don't put much thought into the results fo B-J auctions. IMO, most of the buyers are middle aged men wanting to buy the cars they wanted when they were kids in the 60s. I think one of the posts above is correct in saying some of the buyers just want their faces on TV, or something like that. The show seems too hyped up.
  11. We were bidding on the car Lot #377, and it wasnt as nice as we thought it would be. The wheels were curbed, and the interior was somewhat tatty for 3000 miles. The weatherstrip around the driver door was also worn away, very weird. The car had no paint work and seemed to overall be a good car. Not worth 190, Nicholas Cage only owned this car for a short amount of time and sold it at the RM auction 2-3 years ago. They also claimed the car was the ONLY orange one in the US, which is bullsh**, and it was special ordered by Nicholas and thats why it was a one off color...They really hyped the car up for what it was. I was standing next to bidders from Prestige who wanted to get the car and they were shocked at the price. The guys from B-J could not even get the car started. We had to show them to press the alarm button twice, then they realized the battery was dead. This all 10 mins before the car went on the block. It was funny to see 10 clueless guys run around the car and take it apart looking for the battery!
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  13. Cool info! It looked really nice on TV, but it's interesting to hear what happened behind the curtains. I've seen this same 6.0 on Ebay a few years back, too. Do you know if it was the same owner at the time that sold it lastnight?
  14. Didn't Ben buy his for like 140k? And his had less miles than that.
  15. im less than distinct at the b.j auction process...how does the inspection process work? can interested parties get PPI prior to bidding?

  16. B.J. is not the place to sell italian cars, at least not anymore.

    does more harm than good to take your Fcar there and sell it.

    mostly muscle car, street rods and old car guys
  17. good points

    at B.J. you don't get to do your full due diligence (it's not like there's an experienced italian car mechanic there who can help you)

    i wouldn't buy a car that way

    i think they charge 8% to sell and 8% to buy
    seems like a rip off

    i guess if you're desperate and can't sell your car any other way than you go there
  18. I'd buy 3 for $140k if I could. I paid substantially more than that for mine. Currently my odometer has 3107 miles, purchased with 1500 miles on it.

  19. wait do not insult me with the statement that I am some uneducated about lambos I have worked on lambos and I have seen 2001 6.0 diablos go for less than 190K in addition the statement about the cars being a gamble I was simply making the observation that the market is not as stable with newer lambos as with somthing like the 350 gt
  20. I didn't say you were uneducated about fixing lambo's, just in the resale of an orange 6.0 . I too have seen 6.0's sell for less than 190. I have seen various colors sell in the 160's. I have even bought one for myself but you cant show me one orange 6.0 with less than 5k miles that will sell for any less. The orange 6.0 with low miles is a high priced 6.0 and there are simply no deals on that color with nice mileage. As a matter of fact there are no cars that color with those miles to even buy at any price. They are simply all gone. The orange 6.0 market is as stable as you will find. No orange car with low milage and a solid PPI will go for less than 180 and as high as 195 all day , every day !
  21. Calm down. There was no insult in Jeff's post. He was only offering his opinion bases on facts that are true and correct. The market on 6.0's continues to be strong, particularly rare colors, and low miles. Your opinion is understood, but not nessessarily accepted by those who watch the market closely. But certainly you are entitled to your opinion.
  22. So 6.0 will go up or at least hold their value much better than any other Diablo ( GT and SE appart ) ?
  23. alright, thats fine I was simply stating that newer lambos will depreciate more rapidly than an older lambo nothing to do with color just an observation and I am not angery in any way or anything like that and if that was assumed I'm sorry that is not the only orange diablo 6.0 in the US what were they talking about?
  24. Commas and periods kick @$$. Semi colons to some extent.
  25. Well, probably if you looked at it in 10 years. The 6.0 had an msrp of 274k, and 4 years later the average price is around 165k. However, in the last year, the depreciation has slowed dramatically. It is the "best of the breed", and the last year made. I would think that as prices continue to climb on new cars(read Murci at 303k), the 6.0 will narrow the gap on the early Murci's. The early Diablos have bottomed out about 6months ago, and are beginning to slowly appreciate. This will slow the depreciation on the later cars, as there has to be a reasonable buffer between 91's and 6.0's.
  26. Only time will tell for sure but right now the 6.0 is holding where it is at pretty strong. It seems that silver cars sell for less than the exotic colors. I have no idea why ? The titanium looks great on the car. The rosso vic, yellow and orange all three seem to sell and move good. The rosso and orange seem harder to find and the yellow is holding due to its popularity. That has been my personal experience with the cars over the past year and 1/2 . Also I think the SE30 is a buy for what they have been selling for but finding nice ones have proven difficult. Especially the SE30 purple. The GT will probably always be the highest selling Diablo . I actually think them being illegal in the US has helped the car . Sort of puts a mystique around it that the others don't have. Of course the cars that I have seen are selling for good money. The last GT I saw that was actually for sale was around $320 K.
  27. No worries ! Like AJ said I meant no harm , just letting you know what I have learned on this particular breed of lambo. You exactly right though about that sales pitch ! I was actually laughing about it . Besides the one that BJ sold I know of 4 orange other cars. Here in the states . Not that 4 cars is alot but they definately were wrong about the only one in the US pitch.
  28. No need to fret it is all good.There are rumors of a turbo charged diablo GT. Has anyone else seen it or heard about it. I know of a turbo SE. Also I saw a GT with Monteray blue paint it was sweet many people have had or have a blue (Monteray) lambo

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