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19 year old gets Murcie Roadster (Montreal)

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by ara, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. Went by John Scotti's and this 19 year old kid was finishing up the paper work and wiring the money to the dealer, they got the red murcie, e-gear, white and red interior (ugly). It's for the kid, i couldn't believe it. The father is in the oil business and lives in Dubai half the time, the poor kid drives a cayenne turbo in winter.

    I have two problems with this, first, the kid might not be experienced enough for the car, and putting me and others on the road in danger.

    Second, where does the kid go from here? Enzo? Mclaren?

    I don't have a problem with the father spoiling the son, whatever his choice, but still.

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  3. It's bound to happen somewhere. But a few thoughts to add to the list...
    - at least he isn't 16 and getting that beast
    - if he doesn't learn how to drive it, then other spyders increase in value because this one will not last long nor will it survive it's first crash.
    - at least it's all wheel drive
  4. I admire your optimism!
  5. Maybe not. He might give Lambo-ownership a run, get it out of his system and maybe move on to some other passion/pass-time.

    And if he's not careful, then you Lambo owner are looking at a future parts car.
  6. Its their life and he's a lucky kid. I have no problems with it because what can you do, authorize a local movement towards the local police and town hall against his ownership based on the opinion, just opinion that he will be a dangerous driver?

    I think the two main questions is if we were in his shoes, how would we act? And two, are our thoughts on his ownership based on a bit of jealousy? For the latter question I would state in my case a yes, but still wish him well.

    Im going to take a guess that if he father is a legitamate business man chances are he had a good upbringing unlike a get quick rich entertainer where everything acquired has a shell shock and lack of appriciation attitude. So hopefully this young man knows what he represents, what he is risking, and the well being of the people around him once he floors that gas pedal.

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  8. well his father didn't start the company, it's been a family business and he's a billionaire by being born into it, i'm not jealous of the kid, but if i were in his shoes, i'd tell my father to buy me a carrera s, and a fun winter car, and then move up slowly, i mean all the girls that he's going to date are going to be golddiggers, it sucks.
  9. I wish my parents were rich enough to get me a murcie roadster :(
  10. Funny part is the season for roadsters in Montreal... July 3rd till about July 5th :)
  11. I see a lot of young kids around Melrose and Sunset with exotic cars. There used to be a Diablo that was consistently parked not too far from Fairfax High on Saturdays. Same guy always hanging around by it, he looked no more than 18. Could have been his dads. May not have been. Knowing how I drove at that age I hope these individuals show a bit more restraint than I did. That's a lot of power and responsibility. I think the question that runs through my head is what is this teaching these individuals? I know after many years I've come to appreciate the fact that I had to work as a kid and buy the things I wanted with my own money. My father could have afforded to do so but he believed that if you wanted something you should learn to work for it.

    I'm at an age now where jealousy very rarely enters my body anymore. More often then not when I see this kind of thing I hope they can appreciate the experience they've been given. That's what really comes with these automobiles. It isn't really the car itself. It's the adventures and stories that come from ownership of any car really.

    And although the individual in question now has a Merci I’m wondering if he’d rather not have the car an have his dad around for the other 6 months of the year. That also raises the question of if this purchase was done more of love for his son or out of guilt for not being there as much as he’d like to be.
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  13. I'd be willing to bet that at least 1/3 of the members on this site who drive exotic cars were assisted (or maybe even paid for) by their parents or family. Not a big deal that this young kid got a Murci Roadster- good for him (!)..
  14. Actually, it's more like June, July and August. However, the potholes make it so you don't take out your car for more than 3 days collectively.
  15. I do not think it is good. It does not matter how many zeros are in the bank.
  16. COmpletely agree Kennny.

    On a side note, if you go to 6 speed, or the bimmer forums, you will see a large percentage or Armenian and Saudi/Kuwait/Dubai oil money kids. Their parents are filthy rich there. Kids come here to study. They buy a condo, and fancy car.

    Its pretty typical. Look around Boston, if you don't believe me. 996TT and BMW M5 for the decently well of kids. They also have the Cayenne Turbo and Rover HSE 4.6

    The poorer of these kids have the Audi S4s and M3s, and X5s.

    Also, it is all relative. Kids in my high school drove MBZ Sl500, and nsx and Alfa Romeos and Lexus'. These kids drive murcie roadsters.

    Many people in the US think that all the money is here. THe middle east has what I like to call "F-YOU money."

    Its all relative. My neighbor buys his kid a RX8, and these guys get Murcie roadster. Nothing surprising.

    Ask him if his dads name is Ralph, and his moms name is Julietta? ;)
  17. Wonder what his insurance cost................
  18. I think its great that he has a beautiful car at a young age. We dont know his situation so i dont think its fair to judge him at this time, however i really hope that he appreciates the car and is responsible with it.
  19. when your in the oil buisness, a murci roadster is like buying a golf gti. they are rich beyond belief. good for him, its nice to see young guys in exotic cars.
  20. the father has over 300 cars back at home, every car that you can imagine, he has a private jet that he uses to "commute" to dubai and back, and no those aren't their names.

    The salesman is going to teach him how to drive the car, because he has never driven anything so fast. I can't wait, i'll try and take pics at delivery.
  21. ara,
    You work at John Scotti?

    That 19 year old guy is lucky! The Murcielago he got is the one right behind the receptionist.
  22. You only live once. Enjoy it to the fullest in everyway you can. Lucky kid & good for him.
  23. As long as the kid is humble about it, I don't mind.

    There's a guy at my university that has a dad in the oil business (from the middle eastern area) and he drives a new Viper.

    Just today I saw a girl (about 20) driving an SL55 AMG with some body kit (I think Brabus, not sure). 745Lis, M5s, M3s, Hummer H1s, and Porsche TTs are some of the cars that I've seen around campus. I don't get jealous, I actually like it because I get to see the cars I like a lot most of the time.
  24. I think its great ! I am sure that the murci is nothing compared to what we dont know he has got ! Oil is Big business for sure !
  25. Funny you mention Boston. One of my friends had a friend who attended a boarding school there. He told my friend that students and teachers drove porches, ferraris, lambos, etc. I don't believe this kid did. I remember him specifically saying someone at the school drove an F50 quite regularly.
  26. Hardly see the problem ...
    didn't know the Murci Roadster were already here ... would love to stop by Scotti someday soon ...
  27. Kudos to the kid!! Wish my Dad had been in oil, instead
    of the Airforce.
  28. Ryan:

    My sons are going to buy a cheap used car. - Just like I did. My 1st car was a 1968 GTO. It was 1,400 dollars.

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